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Erin Blanchfield wants Julianna Peña for vacant UFC bantamweight title: ‘That’s definitely something I’d like to pursue’

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UFC bantamweight title

Erin Blanchfield has expressed her desire to pursue a different championship in the UFC, specifically targeting the vacant bantamweight title and setting her sights on Julianna Peña. Although Blanchfield is next in line for a flyweight title fight, she doesn’t want to wait and instead plans to move up to the 135-pound division for a chance at the title.

Blanchfield, who delivered an impressive victory over Jessica Andrade in February, would have likely competed for the 125-pound title later this year if not for Alexa Grasso’s upset win over Valentina Shevchenko. With Grasso and Shevchenko expected to have a rematch in September, Blanchfield finds herself on the sidelines.

Upon hearing Amanda Nunes’ retirement announcement at UFC 289, Blanchfield immediately considered moving up to a new weight class where she could potentially become a champion sooner. She sees Julianna Peña as the current number one contender and former champion, making a fight between them intriguing.

Blanchfield believes she presents one of the most interesting challenges for the bantamweight division and its title. Despite Peña’s desire to regain her title, Blanchfield feels she would be an engaging opponent and generate a lot of attention for the division and the championship.

Blanchfield boasts an impressive 11-1 record in her career, including a perfect 5-0 record in the UFC, with three consecutive submission finishes, culminating in her victory over Andrade.

Peña is the frontrunner for a title shot in the bantamweight division now that the belt is vacant. She holds a victory over Nunes and remains at the top of the division rankings. Another potential contender to consider is Raquel Pennington, who has a five-fight winning streak but has been defeated by the past three UFC champions she faced.

Blanchfield believes that injecting some youth and energy into the bantamweight division is necessary. Currently, only three fighters under the age of 30 occupy the top 15 spots in the UFC’s official rankings, with Karol Rosa being the only one in the top 10.

Blanchfield feels that the top contenders in the bantamweight division have been relatively the same for some time, and she wants to bring something fresh to the table. She believes her name being thrown into the mix and competing for the 135-pound title would attract a significant amount of attention.

Regarding a potential matchup against Peña with the title on the line, Blanchfield is confident in her chances, despite it being her first time competing at bantamweight. While acknowledging Peña’s toughness, Blanchfield believes she has the skills to handle whatever Peña brings to the fight and secure another impressive victory.

Peña has been a consistent presence in the UFC since winning her season of The Ultimate Fighter, though she has had her share of highs and lows. However, Peña doesn’t currently hold a win over any active UFC fighter, especially since Nunes retired.

Regardless of Peña’s record, Blanchfield remains self-assured that she can handle Peña’s style and come out victorious. She sees no major concerns and believes she can finish the fight convincingly.

For Blanchfield, there’s also historical significance at stake if the UFC grants her wish to move up to bantamweight and compete for the title. This raises the stakes and adds another promotional element to the fight, which further motivates Blanchfield. She aims to become the youngest female UFC champion by defeating Peña and, eventually, become the youngest double champion by winning the flyweight title as well. The potential rewards make this opportunity highly enticing for Blanchfield.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC bantamweight title

Who is Erin Blanchfield?

Erin Blanchfield is a professional MMA fighter who competes in the UFC. She has an impressive record and has gained attention with her recent victories, including a notable win over Jessica Andrade.

Why is Erin Blanchfield interested in the UFC bantamweight title?

Erin Blanchfield is interested in the bantamweight title because she sees an opportunity to become a champion in a different weight class. With the flyweight title currently unavailable due to an upset win by Alexa Grasso, Blanchfield wants to seize the chance to pursue the bantamweight championship.

Who is Julianna Peña?

Julianna Peña is a former UFC bantamweight champion and a top contender in the division. She holds victories over notable fighters and remains highly ranked. Erin Blanchfield sees Peña as an intriguing opponent and a challenging test for the vacant title.

How does Erin Blanchfield believe she would fare against Julianna Peña?

Erin Blanchfield is confident in her abilities and believes she can handle whatever Julianna Peña brings to the fight. She acknowledges Peña’s toughness but feels she has the skills to come out on top. Blanchfield is determined to secure an impressive win and believes she can finish the fight convincingly.

What are the potential implications for Erin Blanchfield if she wins the bantamweight title?

If Erin Blanchfield wins the bantamweight title, she would become the youngest female UFC champion in history. This achievement would be significant for her career and could pave the way for her to pursue further success, including the opportunity to become the youngest double champion by winning the flyweight title as well.

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