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Erin Blanchfield dismisses Manon Fiorot’s criticism: ‘I definitely have more wins against better opponents than she does’

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Erin Blanchfield, the rising star in the UFC flyweight division, isn’t letting criticism from fellow fighter Manon Fiorot get under her skin. As she gears up for her fight against Rose Namajunas at UFC Paris, Blanchfield remains unfazed by Fiorot’s comments about her recent victory over Taila Santos in UFC Singapore.

Fiorot didn’t hold back during the UFC Paris media day, questioning the level of competition Blanchfield had faced thus far. She stated that Blanchfield hadn’t really taken on opponents at a high level, implying that the fight against Santos exposed her true abilities. Fiorot’s critique wasn’t merely a jab at Blanchfield; it was a strategic move to assert herself as a potential contender for the title shot. She confidently declared that a strong performance on her part, considering Blanchfield’s and Santos’ performances, would solidify her position as the next in line for the championship belt.

Blanchfield, however, chose the diplomatic route in response. While she remained gracious, she stood her ground, continuing to call for a title shot against the winner of the forthcoming bout between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. Blanchfield made it clear that even if Fiorot were to triumph over Namajunas, she still believed her resume outweighed Fiorot’s in terms of quality wins against formidable opponents in the division.

In a show of respect, Blanchfield acknowledged Fiorot’s skills as a solid fighter with a strong striking game, although she hinted at Fiorot’s potential weakness on the ground. Blanchfield confidently asserted that her own wins had come against tougher opponents, implying that she was more deserving of the title shot.

Interestingly, Blanchfield and Fiorot share similar undefeated records in the UFC, with Blanchfield boasting a 6-0 record and Fiorot holding a 5-0 record with a couple of knockouts. Despite their parallel trajectories, the UFC landscape is complex, and their records alone won’t guarantee an immediate title opportunity.

The outcome of the Grasso vs. Shevchenko rematch looms large as a determining factor in the path forward for both Blanchfield and Fiorot. Whether it’s due to injuries, a disputed result, or an unexpected finish, the title picture could become clouded, potentially necessitating more time before a decisive contender emerges.

Blanchfield, looking ahead and weighing different scenarios, offered an intriguing proposal. She suggested that if Fiorot managed to defeat Namajunas and secure her victory while the Grasso vs. Shevchenko trilogy played out, she would be open to a bout against Fiorot to establish the true number one contender.

Blanchfield’s confidence shines through as she navigates the uncertainty of her career trajectory. She acknowledges the multiple options on the table, whether it’s fighting the winner of Grasso vs. Shevchenko or facing the victor of the Fiorot vs. Namajunas clash. She acknowledges that the landscape is dynamic and unpredictable, but her ultimate goal remains unwavering – to claim the championship belt, no matter the path she takes to get there.

In her unwavering determination, Blanchfield understands that her journey might require additional fights before a title shot becomes reality. She is prepared to face every challenge head-on, confident in her ability to emerge victorious, whether it’s before or after obtaining the coveted title. Blanchfield’s message is clear: she’s ready to conquer any opponent and seize the title, all in due time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Flyweight Contenders

Who is Erin Blanchfield and what is her recent fight about?

Erin Blanchfield is a rising star in the UFC’s flyweight division. Her recent fight was against Taila Santos at UFC Singapore.

What criticism did Manon Fiorot have about Erin Blanchfield’s performance?

Manon Fiorot criticized Erin Blanchfield’s win, stating that she hadn’t faced opponents at a high level until her fight with Taila Santos.

How did Erin Blanchfield respond to Manon Fiorot’s criticism?

Erin Blanchfield responded respectfully, not backing down from her call for a title shot. She emphasized her belief in having more wins against tougher opponents.

What does Erin Blanchfield think about her chances for a title shot?

Blanchfield remains confident in her chances for a title shot, whether against the winner of Grasso vs. Shevchenko or the victor of Fiorot vs. Namajunas.

What other challenges could affect the title picture in the flyweight division?

The outcome of the Grasso vs. Shevchenko rematch and unforeseen circumstances could impact the title picture and the path to the championship.

What solution did Erin Blanchfield propose if the title fight is delayed?

Blanchfield suggested that if Fiorot wins her fight and the Grasso vs. Shevchenko trilogy continues, she’d be open to fighting Fiorot to determine the top contender.

What is Erin Blanchfield’s ultimate goal?

Blanchfield’s ultimate goal is to secure the UFC flyweight title, no matter the challenges she faces along the way.

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