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Dustin Poirier hopes to try boxing before he retires: ‘I thought I was going to be a boxer’

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Dustin Poirier Boxing

Dustin Poirier harbors a desire to test his skills in boxing before hanging up his gloves for good.

As a UFC fighter since 2011, Poirier has had an illustrious career, claiming an interim championship and several Fight of the Year honors, solidifying his status as a modern-day icon in MMA. He dreams of venturing into boxing, a sport that has recently attracted several MMA veterans.

Poirier shared on The MMA Hour, “I’ve always wanted to try boxing, but realistically, I’m not sure it’ll happen. I still have about five or six fights remaining with the UFC. I always envisioned myself as a boxer when I first started training.”

This trend of MMA fighters transitioning to boxing has included names like Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, and Poirier’s former teammate Jorge Masvidal. Poirier’s motivation seems to stem from a fascination with boxing that predates his MMA career.

He recalls, “I’ve always been drawn to combat sports, especially boxing. Watching those fighters persevere through everything in the ring made me realize I had the same drive. I was familiar with MMA and had a bit of wrestling experience, but no jiu-jitsu knowledge. However, after interacting with fighters at a boxing gym and learning about their training in other martial arts, I found myself immediately drawn to their gym, and I never looked back.”

Despite his successful MMA career, Poirier believes he could have been a formidable boxer and still feels capable of proving himself in the ring, though he acknowledges that MMA is his primary focus.

Poirier reflects, “I’m content with how things turned out in MMA, and I think I could have been successful in boxing as well. I’m proud to be an MMA fighter.

In his most recent UFC appearance at UFC 291, Poirier faced a setback, losing to Justin Gaethje in the second round. He aims to make a comeback at UFC 300 in April.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dustin Poirier Boxing

Does Dustin Poirier plan to try boxing before retiring?

Dustin Poirier has expressed a keen interest in boxing before he retires, inspired by his initial love for the sport. He acknowledges the challenges of making this transition while still under contract with the UFC but remains intrigued by the idea.

How has Dustin Poirier’s UFC career been noteworthy?

Poirier has had a remarkable UFC career since 2011, securing an interim championship, multiple Fight of the Year honors, and establishing himself as a notable figure in MMA. His journey is marked by significant achievements and a robust fighting spirit.

What sparked Poirier’s interest in MMA and boxing?

Poirier’s interest in combat sports began with boxing, inspired by the resilience and determination of boxers. His exploration of MMA began after encountering individuals from a boxing gym who trained in various martial arts, leading him to expand his skill set beyond boxing.

What are Dustin Poirier’s views on his potential in boxing?

While Poirier is primarily an MMA fighter, he believes he could have excelled in boxing as well. He feels confident about his ability in the ring, despite dedicating his career to MMA.

When is Dustin Poirier planning to return to the UFC?

Poirier is aiming for a return to the UFC at UFC 300 in April, following a defeat at UFC 291. He is focused on making a strong comeback in the octagon.

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