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Disgruntled John Makdessi shares detailed earnings for UFC 293 bout with Jamie Mullarkey

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John Makdessi, a seasoned warrior in the octagon with 20 UFC fights under his belt, recently took to social media to vent his frustration over his earnings from his latest clash at UFC 293 against Jamie Mullarkey. The battle took place at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia, and unfortunately for Makdessi, it ended in a unanimous decision victory for Mullarkey.

In a transparent display of his financial breakdown, Makdessi shared an invoice from the UFC, shedding light on his earnings. His initial show purse amounted to $58,000, but as the financial juggernauts of taxes, medical expenses, airfare, and various deductions rolled in, his take-home earnings dwindled to a meager $28,461.65.

The most significant blow to Makdessi’s earnings came from an unexpected source – the Australian government. They took a substantial 45 percent chunk, leaving Makdessi with just $28,461.65 to show for his efforts in the cage.

In a passionate tweet, Makdessi expressed his dismay, saying, “I sacrificed my whole life for this sport and put everything on the line. Damn Australian government and the judges robbed me pretty badly.”

It’s worth noting that Makdessi holds a unique status among the fighters who graced the UFC 293 card. He’s the most experienced, having signed with the promotion in 2010. However, his recent performance hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, as he now carries a 1-3 record in his last four bouts, marking his second consecutive loss.

Makdessi’s story serves as a stark reminder of the financial challenges many fighters face in the world of mixed martial arts. Despite their dedication and sacrifices, earnings can often be far from lucrative, and the battle for fair compensation continues for many in the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC Fighter Earnings

Q: What was John Makdessi’s initial show purse for his UFC 293 bout?

A: John Makdessi’s initial show purse for his UFC 293 bout against Jamie Mullarkey was $58,000.

Q: How much did John Makdessi ultimately take home from his UFC 293 fight?

A: After various deductions, including taxes and expenses, John Makdessi’s total take-home earnings from his UFC 293 fight amounted to just $28,461.65.

Q: What was the biggest deduction from John Makdessi’s earnings?

A: The largest deduction from John Makdessi’s earnings came from the Australian government, which collected a substantial 45 percent, equating to $21,600, of his show purse.

Q: How does John Makdessi’s experience compare to other fighters on the UFC 293 card?

A: John Makdessi holds the distinction of being the most tenured fighter on the UFC 293 card, having signed with the promotion in 2010.

Q: What is John Makdessi’s recent performance record in the UFC?

A: John Makdessi’s loss to Jamie Mullarkey at UFC 293 marked his second consecutive defeat and put him at a 1-3 record over his past four bouts.

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