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Derrick Lewis Recounts Fainting Incident During Weight Loss: ‘I Felt Like I Was Dead’

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Derrick Lewis UFC 291 Preparation

Derrick Lewis, gearing up for his UFC 291 clash against Marcos Rogerio de Lima, asserts that he is in a much healthier state than he was during his recent losing streak. However, none of his past experiences were as alarming as his last match.

Lewis will be stepping back into the ring for UFC 291’s preliminary card, scheduled for this Saturday in Salt Lake City. Known as “The Black Beast”, Lewis has suffered three consecutive defeats and lost four out of his last five fights. His loss to Serghei Spivac in February, however, was a particularly awakening experience, mainly due to an incident that occurred a day before the UFC Vegas 68 main event.

Lewis revealed during UFC 291 media day, “I actually fainted right before the weigh-in for the last fight.” He added, “I lost consciousness, my coaches had to assist me, ensuring I remained conscious. I felt completely drained for the rest of the week.”

In order to lose 25 pounds in just three days, Lewis resorted to drinking only water and eating minimally. “The incident was an eye-opener, and it haunted me throughout the fight. It felt as if I had died and I couldn’t help but think about the other fighters who had been through the same ordeal — they would lose consciousness, recover, and yet wouldn’t be allowed to fight.” Lewis noted the incident occurred at the UFC Performance Institute, where he received all the necessary medical support to recover. “It was a terrifying moment,” he recalled.

Lewis, now 38, assured that there will be no such weight-related problems this time. He confidently reported to the press on Wednesday that he is already at the target weight.

With a desire to return to his victorious streak that earned him two attempts at the undisputed and interim heavyweight titles in the past five years, Lewis expressed regret over his loss to Spivac. “It’s disheartening, I should have beaten that guy,” he confessed. “I had a lot to prove in that fight and I feel like I let myself down.”

The anticipation for his Saturday fight against de Lima, who has won two consecutive matches and four out of his last five, is building up. He, however, admits to not recalling his opponent’s name, jokingly stating that he will certainly remember it on Saturday.

In addition to addressing his health concerns, Lewis believes that alleviating self-imposed pressure has been a vital part of his preparation for this fight. Lewis intends to demonstrate this newfound positivity in Saturday’s octagon showdown with de Lima.

“I think I was under the pressure of feeling the need to prove something,” Lewis shared. “I am eager to simply go in there and fight, not worrying about what others say about me. Just to go out there, have fun and enjoy the fight.”

“With this mindset, I believe I’m going to genuinely enjoy myself in the octagon on Saturday,” he said. “I’ve been feeling great, adhered to my diet, trained for about 10 to 11 weeks now, and it’s already showing positive effects.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Derrick Lewis UFC 291 Preparation

What health incident did Derrick Lewis experience prior to a past fight?

Derrick Lewis experienced a frightening health incident prior to one of his previous fights where he blacked out during a weight cut. He had to lose 25 pounds in three days, during which he fainted just before the weigh-in, leaving him feeling drained for the rest of the week.

What has Derrick Lewis changed for his UFC 291 fight?

Derrick Lewis asserts that he is in a healthier state for his UFC 291 fight against Marcos Rogerio de Lima. He also reported to the press that he is already at the target weight, ensuring no weight-related problems this time.

What was Derrick Lewis’s record heading into UFC 291?

Heading into UFC 291, Derrick Lewis had suffered three consecutive defeats and lost four out of his last five fights.

Who is Derrick Lewis’s opponent at UFC 291?

Derrick Lewis’s opponent at UFC 291 is Marcos Rogerio de Lima.

What did Derrick Lewis learn from his weight cut incident?

The weight cut incident was an eye-opener for Derrick Lewis, haunting him throughout the fight against Serghei Spivac. Since then, he has made changes to ensure he is healthier going into his fights. He is also working on alleviating self-imposed pressure and focusing on enjoying the fight.

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JohnDoe101 July 27, 2023 - 10:45 pm

Whoa that’s nuts man. losing 25 pounds in 3 days? Sounds scary. Hope lewis is in better shape now for this fight.

MMAExpert786 July 27, 2023 - 11:18 pm

it’s not healthy at all. MMA needs better weight cut regulations. Fighters health should always come first!

ChokeholdChamp July 28, 2023 - 5:55 am

what, he don’t even remember his opponent’s name lol.. Classic Derrick. Can’t wait for the fight though. Go Lewis!

FightFan93 July 28, 2023 - 9:50 am

Can’t believe he went thru that and still fought…mad respect for Lewis, hope he comes back strong this saturday

PunchPower24 July 28, 2023 - 11:51 am

Lewis vs de Lima…gonna be epic! I’m rooting for the Black Beast. He’s been through a lot.


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