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Demetrious Johnson ranks himself No. 2 on personal GOAT list

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MMA GOAT Rankings

Demetrious Johnson, the renowned MMA fighter, isn’t one to hold back when it comes to his own greatness. He recently opened up about his personal rankings on the MMA Greatest of All Time (GOAT) list. While he firmly places himself in the upper echelons of the sport, he modestly took the No. 2 spot on his own list, just short of the summit.

In a candid discussion on his YouTube channel, aptly named “Mighty Mouse,” Johnson revealed his top four fighters of all time. He justified his No. 2 position by highlighting his remarkable achievements, especially in the flyweight division. Johnson boasts an impressive record of eleven consecutive title defenses, a feat that no one else has matched, and he even introduced a groundbreaking move to the MMA world. As he proudly pointed out, he’s got wins by knockout, submission, and decision, showcasing his versatility in the cage.

But who stands ahead of Demetrious Johnson in his own GOAT rankings? At No. 1, he reserved that spot for Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, the current UFC heavyweight champion. Johnson’s admiration for Jones stems from the latter’s dominance in the light heavyweight division, where he consistently dismantled his opponents with ease, remaining undefeated in competition.

Comparing himself to Anderson Silva, who occupies the No. 4 spot on his list, Johnson emphasized his aggressive approach to mixed martial arts. He claimed that if he were in Silva’s position during his fight against Thales Leites, he wouldn’t hesitate to engage on the ground and use his jiu-jitsu skills to dismantle his opponent. This stands in contrast to Silva’s less memorable unanimous decision victory over Leites.

One area where Johnson believes he shines is in his championship finishes. He finished seven of his 11 consecutive title defenses, showcasing a killer instinct that sets him apart. He also highlighted his ability to transition between different organizations and weight classes, proving his adaptability as a fighter. Johnson’s versatility extends beyond MMA, as he even ventured into Brazilian jiu-jitsu and emerged victorious in his first-ever gi competition as a brown belt master, an impressive feat at the age of 37.

In summary, Demetrious Johnson’s self-assessment places him firmly in the MMA GOAT conversation, with only Jon Jones ahead of him on his personal rankings. His remarkable achievements, adaptability, and his killer instinct in championship bouts make a compelling case for his GOAT status in the world of mixed martial arts. So, while he may be modest about it, “Mighty Mouse” is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in the sport.

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