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David Benavidez Batters Caleb Plant in Unanimous Decision, Calls for Canelo Alvarez Fight

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David Benavidez won his first competition and is now working towards an even more important fight in the future.

On Saturday in Las Vegas, the WBC Super Middleweight Champion kept his title after winning a convincing match against Caleb Plant (previous IBF champion). At first, Caleb was doing well but later the Champion, Benavidez, came up with powerful punches to ultimately win the battle. Three judges all agreed on this with scores of 115-113, 116-112, and 117-111 respectively.

Boxer, Benavidez, stayed undefeated with his win against Plant and showed some respect for Canelo Alvarez after the match. Then he asked for a chance to fight Canelo for the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion title. He said that everybody is interested in seeing this fight happen in September.

Alvarez is planning to have a boxing match on May 6 with David Ryder, a special champion for the World Boxing Organisation super middleweight class.

If Benavidez meets with Alvarez later this year and performs as he did on Saturday, he could give the Mexican superstar a hard fight. Benavidez was very precise and slowly approached Plant letting loose with his punches as time went on. In the last few rounds, it was obviously Benavidez that had the upper hand since he dealt out uppercuts and strong attacks with both fists; while Plant only tried to hold onto him so he wouldn’t get too hurt. Even though Plant refused to give up until they reached their scorecards, it didn’t stop Benavidez from winning in the end, also known as “The Mexican Monster”.

After their fight, Benavidez and Plant seemed to be on better terms as Benavidez praised Plant’s strength and the two hugged.

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