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Davey Grant: It will take ‘a very good man to beat me up in front of my sons’ at UFC London

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UFC London

Davey Grant anticipates an unforgettable experience as he gears up for his upcoming fight at UFC London. Although he has competed numerous times in the United Kingdom, this particular bout holds special significance for the veteran of The Ultimate Fighter. Hailing from a town six hours north of London, Grant eagerly looks forward to having his cherished family members present when he faces off against Daniel Marcos on Saturday.

Grant expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s a great feeling to finally have my friends and family watching me again. Moreover, my little boys will be attending their first fight, which is incredibly thrilling.” Despite referring to them as “little boys,” Grant’s sons are actually 11 and 14 years old. Nevertheless, it marks their maiden opportunity to witness their father’s fight on home soil. Having last competed before a British crowd seven years ago, Grant eagerly sought a spot on a UFC card in England, and his wish has finally been granted. He couldn’t be happier with the opportunity that lies ahead.

“I’ve been yearning for this moment for a long time,” Grant shared. “When I saw that the world was reopening after COVID and the UFC began hosting events worldwide, the London cards were absolutely electric. I had been hoping to be part of them for quite some time, so I’m incredibly pleased to be on this one.”

Grant’s sons are well aware of the significance of this fight. “They understand the importance of this event. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve dedicated my life to. Both of them train and compete in MMA themselves. It’s an amazing experience to have them watch me while I’m still fighting, before the tables turn, and I become a spectator of their fights,” Grant explained.

The prospect of performing in front of his sons adds a unique pressure for Grant, unlike anything he has experienced in previous fights held in locations like Las Vegas. However, rather than burdening him, Grant finds it to be a motivating factor. When asked about the challenge posed by Marcos, who boasts a flawless 14-0 professional record, Grant responded, “It’s going to take an exceptional man to defeat me in front of my sons. I don’t mean to add extra pressure; it’s simply the truth. Regardless, defeating me will require an exceptional opponent.”

Grant even welcomes the possibility of receiving advice from his cage-side kids. He jovially remarked, “Once I step out of the cage, I’ll be told all about my rights and wrongs. ‘You should have done this!’ ‘You should have done that!'”

Building on his current two-fight winning streak, Grant aims to continue his success. In five of his last six bouts, he has earned bonuses, highlighting his exceptional performances. At 37 years old, Grant acknowledges that his fighting career has more history than future, prompting him to savor every moment and create lasting memories.

“I always try to be present in the fight and remember that this career won’t last forever,” Grant reflected. “I must enjoy every aspect of it while I can. Before long, I’ll be an old man sharing stories with my grandchildren about how I used to walk out into arenas filled with roaring crowds. I intend to relish each and every moment while striving to accomplish my goals.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC London

Q: What is the significance of UFC London for Davey Grant?

A: UFC London holds special significance for Davey Grant as it allows him to compete in front of his friends and family, including his two sons who will be attending their first fight. It has been seven years since Grant last fought before a British crowd, and he has eagerly awaited the opportunity to be part of a UFC card in England.

Q: How does Grant feel about the pressure of performing in front of his sons?

A: Rather than being burdened by the pressure of performing in front of his sons, Grant finds it to be a motivating factor. He states that it would take an exceptional opponent to beat him in front of his sons, emphasizing his determination to put on a memorable performance.

Q: How does Grant plan to make the most of his fighting career?

A: Grant, at 37 years old, acknowledges that his fighting career has more history than future. He intends to be present in every moment, savoring the experience while striving to accomplish his goals. He wants to create lasting memories and enjoy his time in the spotlight before transitioning into a role of watching his sons compete in MMA.

Q: How does Grant’s family background impact his fighting career?

A: Grant’s family background plays a significant role in his fighting career. His sons are actively involved in MMA, training and competing themselves. Having their support and witnessing their father’s fights is an important experience for all of them. Grant’s desire to make his family proud and inspire his sons further fuels his motivation inside the cage.

Q: What are Grant’s expectations for his fight against Daniel Marcos?

A: Grant recognizes the unbeaten record of his opponent, Daniel Marcos, who holds a professional record of 14-0. Grant believes that it will take a very skilled fighter to defeat him, especially in front of his sons. While acknowledging the challenge, he remains confident in his abilities and is determined to emerge victorious.

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