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Darren Till Predicts His Domination Over Logan Paul and Tommy Fury in Boxing Match

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Darren Till recently left the UFC and now has many other options to choose from. He’s been talking with some MMA companies, but he’s mostly looking at possibly becoming a boxer. However, if an amazing offer comes up that he can’t say no to, he might just change his plans.

Till told his sponsor at Neue Online Casinos that he’s probably going to do boxing instead. He left on good terms with the UFC, but if other MMA organizations like PFL and Bellator offer him a great deal then he might take it because he can’t refuse them.

“PFL has made me a really great offer, but I want something even better. There are offers from many different places and I’m open to considering anything that’s put forward. Basically, I just want to find the best option and whoever pays me the most money is what I’ll go with in the end!”

Till has expressed an interest in boxing, but he’s been “tagged” to face Logan Paul, who has previously fought against KSI and even Floyd Mayweather. Currently, Paul is occupied with his career in the WWE, where he participated in a match during WrestleMania 39 on Saturday.

Till said that he has a team to represent him, and Paul also has his team. It’s a big money fight between them so maybe it will happen in the future. He thinks he could run over Paul since he was a boxer. If I’m going to join boxing, I’ll be running over all the other guys too.

Till thinks that he could have a boxing match against Paul in the future but doesn’t know for sure if it will really happen. After all, Paul has a lot of things to do these days being 27 years old and from Ohio.

“He does a lot of activities, like wrestling, boxing and WWE. He is really good at making money from his ventures. I know he has his own Prime drink which seems to be doing really well. I’m not one who hates on people for achieving success in life – if something makes money, it makes sense. That’s my way of thinking.”

Another potential opponent for Till could be Tommy Fury, who recently beat Jake Paul in a fight that drew much attention. Tommy is 23-years-old and may face Paul again, but Till believes he can do very well if he ever faces Tyson Fury’s younger brother!

Darren Till, a boxer, said that he would beat any opponent, including Tommy. However, he doesn’t know what Tommy is doing now since he just had a baby and made some money in the Jake Paul fight. In the next few weeks, Darren may make an announcement about his career – while he looks for the best possible offer outside of UFC.

“Let’s find out what happens,” Till suggested. “How much money can I get?”

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