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Daniel Cormier unsure about Dustin Poirier’s future after UFC 291 loss but ‘I hope he doesn’t walk away’

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UFC 291 loss

Daniel Cormier expresses uncertainty about Dustin Poirier’s future following his loss at UFC 291, but he hopes Poirier won’t retire. Despite the defeat against Justin Gaethje, Cormier believes Poirier is still one of the top lightweights globally. Poirier admitted he doesn’t want to fight just for the sake of it, but he feels great and believes he has more to offer in his career.

Cormier understands why Poirier is conflicted about his next steps, especially since becoming the undisputed lightweight champion may now be a distant goal. He speculates that Poirier isn’t someone who will stick around just for the money, as he likely still wants to pursue the championship. However, Cormier is unsure about Poirier’s plans and hopes he continues fighting because he believes there are many more exciting matchups for him.

While Poirier will surely bounce back from this defeat, it remains to be seen if he will return for another fight unless presented with a truly compelling offer. Poirier had previously declined a matchup against Beneil Dariush, as he didn’t find it exciting enough.

Cormier praises Poirier for his achievements in his career, emphasizing that one knockout loss won’t define him. He admires Poirier’s determination and success, mentioning his victories over Conor McGregor, his UFC interim championship, and his status as a beloved fighter to fans.

In conclusion, Cormier believes there is still much more for Dustin Poirier to accomplish in his career, but he hopes Poirier won’t walk away from the sport. Regardless of the recent loss, Poirier’s achievements and resilience make him a true star in the world of MMA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 291 loss

Q: What was Dustin Poirier’s result in UFC 291?

A: Dustin Poirier suffered a knockout loss in the second round against Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 291.

Q: How does Poirier feel about his future in fighting after the loss?

A: After the defeat, Dustin Poirier admitted that he’s not interested in “fighting just to fight.” However, he still feels great and believes he has more to accomplish in his career.

Q: What does Daniel Cormier think about Poirier’s future?

A: Daniel Cormier, the UFC Hall of Famer, understands Poirier’s uncertainty about his future. Cormier hopes that Poirier won’t retire and will continue fighting to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming the undisputed lightweight champion.

Q: What were Poirier’s reasons for declining a previously offered fight against Beneil Dariush?

A: Poirier stated that he didn’t get excited about the matchup with Beneil Dariush, so he passed on the fight.

Q: How does Cormier view Poirier’s career and achievements?

A: Cormier heaps praise on Dustin Poirier for his accomplishments, including beating Conor McGregor twice, fighting for the UFC lightweight championship, and being the UFC interim champion. He considers Poirier a beloved fighter and an absolute star in the sport.

Q: Is Cormier confident in Poirier’s ability to bounce back from the recent defeat?

A: Yes, Cormier is certain that Poirier will bounce back from the loss. He believes that Poirier’s resilience and determination will lead him to future success in his career.

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