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Dana White vows to hold annual Noche UFC events ‘for the rest of my reign here’

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Dana White, the man at the helm of the UFC, may not have been physically present at the Noche UFC event, but he was undeniably impressed by the performance of the promotion’s first-ever Mexican Independence Day spectacle.

In his usual charismatic style, White proudly declared during his Contender Series post-fight press conference, “Noche UFC was the most-watched Fight Night of all-time on ESPN+,” and then he dropped the bombshell figure: “1.1 million unique views.”

Now, let that sink in for a moment. 1.1 million unique views. That’s a staggering number by any standard. But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about views; it’s about engagement. Noche UFC generated a whopping 167 million total minutes of watch time. To put that into perspective, that’s like watching a movie that’s over 317 years long. That’s some serious screen time!

And when it came to the Spanish feed, Noche UFC didn’t just break records; it obliterated them. The event racked up three times the average viewership minutes compared to the usual broadcasts. In the world of sports, that’s like hitting a home run with three baseballs at once.

But Noche UFC wasn’t just about the numbers; it was a departure from the UFC’s regular programming. It was a night dedicated to celebrating Mexican talent, complete with a cultural flair that could rival the grandest of fiestas. And let’s not forget the championship rematch that pitted Mexican flyweight champion Alexa Grasso against the formidable Valentina Shevchenko. It was a bout that delivered excitement and controversy in equal measure, making it one of the year’s most memorable fights.

Now, here’s the kicker: Dana White isn’t content with just one successful Mexican Independence Day event. Nope, he’s got big plans. He’s taking a page from the world of boxing, which has a long history of hosting major events on September 16th. Dana White has declared that from here on out, September 16th will be synonymous with the UFC as well.

In his characteristic bold fashion, White vowed, “I will get that date every year from now on, yes.” And he’s not stopping there. He’s ready to go head-to-head with anyone who tries to claim that date, even if it means competing in a different arena. It’s all part of his grand plan to make the UFC a staple of Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

“This was something that I’ve been thinking about since the day we bought this company, so we’re finally in the position, I’m all-in. All my chips are in on Mexico,” White declared.

And just to make it crystal clear, he emphasized, “We did it, it was huge, and we’ll do it again every year, regardless of whether boxing goes or doesn’t go. I will go head-to-head with them every year.”

So, mark your calendars, folks. September 16th is no longer just a date for boxing; it’s now a date for UFC fireworks, and Dana White is determined to make sure of it. This is a commitment that promises thrilling fights, cultural celebrations, and a whole lot of octagon action for years to come. The reign of Noche UFC has just begun, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Keyword: Noche UFC annual event

What was the viewership like for Noche UFC, the Mexican Independence Day event?

Dana White proudly announced that Noche UFC was the most-watched Fight Night of all time on ESPN+ with an impressive 1.1 million unique views. It also generated a staggering 167 million total minutes of watch time, making it a record-breaking event in terms of viewership.

Why was Noche UFC different from other UFC events?

Noche UFC was a departure from the usual non-pay-per-view UFC events. It featured a card stacked with Mexican talent, incorporated a rich cultural flair, and headlined a championship rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. This event was designed to celebrate Mexican culture and talent, offering a unique and entertaining experience for fans.

Will the UFC continue to host events on Mexican Independence Day?

Yes, Dana White is committed to making September 16th a date associated with the UFC. He vowed to secure that date every year, even if it means competing with other events in different arenas. The goal is to establish the UFC as a significant part of Mexican Independence Day celebrations.

How does Noche UFC compare to boxing events on Mexican Independence Day?

Boxing has a long history of hosting major events on Mexican Independence Day with great success. Noche UFC, with its record-breaking viewership and unique approach, aims to rival and complement these boxing events, providing fans with a fresh and exciting alternative on this special date.

What is Dana White’s long-term vision for the UFC’s presence in Mexico?

Dana White has expressed his unwavering commitment to Mexico, stating that all his “chips are in on Mexico.” This includes opening the UFC Performance Institute (PI) in the country. His vision is to continue hosting Noche UFC events on Mexican Independence Day, solidifying the UFC’s position as a prominent part of Mexican sports and culture for years to come.

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