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Dana White scoffs at ‘f****** idiots’ trying to break into Maine home after police arrest 23-year-old suspect

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Dana White, the man behind the electrifying world of UFC, couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out that someone had the audacity to try and invade his vacation sanctuary in none other than picturesque Maine. Without skipping a beat, White took the matter to the digital stage, showcasing his “robbery enthusiast” on Instagram. Yes, you read that right – an actual video of the would-be home invader repeatedly attempting to break down a door as if auditioning for a role in a home-security-themed action movie.

White, with his signature boldness, even put a bounty on the perpetrator’s head, offering a reward to anyone who could help track down this mastermind. It’s like the real-life equivalent of hanging up wanted posters in a Wild West town – a true modern-day gunslinger standoff, if you will. And believe it or not, his ploy worked like a charm. The police made an arrest mere hours later. I guess they’re pretty quick on the draw up in Maine.

Now, let’s dissect this escapade – a stranger’s desperate dance with a door and a doorbell camera. Dana White couldn’t help but channel his inner Samuel L. Jackson, exclaiming in disbelief, “Do you f****** think that you’re going to break into my house and there’s no cameras at my house, you f****** idiots?” You’ve got to give him credit – not only does he know how to put on a killer UFC show, but he’s also a master at catching burglars red-handed.

Turns out, the intruder wasn’t exactly a criminal mastermind. The poor soul attempted to kick down the door with about as much finesse as a kangaroo trying to box. And when he saw the unblinking eye of the camera, he panicked and decided to give the doorbell a ring. Because, why not, right? In a parallel universe, this might have been a scene from a slapstick comedy movie – imagine a jittery guy fleeing a ringing doorbell like it’s a ticking time bomb.

White got wind of the incident thanks to his vigilant caretaker who was probably nursing a cup of coffee at 4:30 in the morning when he made the call. Imagine being woken up with news like, “Hey boss, someone just tried to kick your door down. Wanna see the show?” The caretaker had the video evidence and was all set to hand it over to the local authorities, but White decided to take matters into his own hands – or rather, his own social media accounts.

In a bold move that must have left the criminal community in awe, White broadcasted the whole debacle for the world to see. In no time, the would-be intruder went from being a common crook to an overnight internet sensation, without any audition fees or agents involved. The local sheriff’s department must have been fans of Dana White too, because they apprehended the suspect in a jiffy. The power of a viral video, folks.

Now, the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department stepped onto the stage to officially announce the arrest, complete with all the legal jargon and formalities. They even shared the suspect’s name – Brady Cooper. This wasn’t a James Bond movie, but it definitely had its fair share of drama and intrigue.

As the curtain falls on this real-life theater of the absurd, Dana White had some final words of wisdom for any other would-be home invaders out there: “Listen, whether you’re in Vegas or anywhere else, don’t f*** around, around my house. Good things are not going to happen to you around my house, I promise you that.” It’s safe to say that Dana White is not just the kingpin of the UFC; he’s also the reigning champion of home security, with a dash of humor to boot. So, aspiring criminals, you’ve been warned – Dana White’s houses are a no-go zone for mischief-makers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Home Security

What happened when someone tried to break into Dana White’s vacation home?

Dana White, the UFC president, shared a video on Instagram showing a person attempting to break into his Maine home. The intruder tried to kick the door and even ripped off the doorbell camera, but fled when realizing he was caught on camera.

How did Dana White react to the break-in attempt?

Dana White responded with a mix of shock and humor. He posted the video online and offered a reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest, which led to the intruder’s capture just hours later.

How did Dana White find out about the break-in attempt?

Dana White’s caretaker notified him about the attempted burglary in the early morning hours. The caretaker had video footage of the suspect and intended to share it with the police, but Dana White decided to share it on his own social media accounts.

Did the police apprehend the suspect?

Yes, the local police successfully captured the suspect, identified as Brady Cooper, after receiving tips from the public thanks to the viral video. Cooper was charged with criminal offenses related to the attempted burglary.

What did Dana White have to say about the incident?

Dana White expressed his disbelief that someone would attempt a break-in at his home, given the visible security cameras. He warned others not to mess around his properties, emphasizing that nothing good would come out of it.

How did the online community react to Dana White’s response?

The online community embraced Dana White’s humorous and swift response. The video quickly went viral, turning the would-be intruder into an overnight sensation, and showcasing Dana White’s knack for turning a serious situation into an online spectacle.

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