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Dana White reacts to PFL reports: ‘Why on God’s green f****** Earth would anybody buy Bellator?’

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Dana White’s Response to PFL Reports: Why Buy Bellator?

Dana White, the brash and unapologetic president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is not one to mince words, especially when it comes to competitors in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world. So, when rumors started swirling about the Professional Fighters League (PFL) potentially buying out Bellator MMA, White had some choice words to share.

In typical Dana White fashion, he scoffed at the idea that anyone would want to purchase Bellator, asking, “Why on God’s green f****** Earth would anybody buy Bellator?” This candid response came after Front Office Sports reported that the PFL was edging closer to acquiring Bellator for a staggering $500 million.

But let’s rewind a bit. Why is Bellator even up for sale in the first place? Paramount, the company that owns Bellator, has been considering unloading the MMA promotion for a while now. Multiple potential buyers have thrown their hats into the ring, and the recent news of the PFL’s potential acquisition only added fuel to the fire.

Interestingly, shortly after these reports emerged, the PFL announced plans to sell a minority stake in their company to SRJ Sports Investments, an offspring of the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, for a cool $100 million. This move intensified speculations about the PFL’s ambitions, including the possibility of acquiring Bellator.

But Dana White, never one to miss a chance to share his opinion, doesn’t see the logic behind such a purchase. He believes Bellator would be a questionable investment, to say the least. “Why anybody would buy Bellator is beside me,” he declared. However, White, always up for a bit of drama, urged everyone to wait and watch how the situation unfolds, expressing his excitement about the developments.

As for the reported $500 million price tag for Bellator, White couldn’t help but crack a smile. In his characteristic style, he quipped, “Bellator’s $500 million? Awesome. Sounds like a steal.” He even suggested that someone should snatch it up quickly, before anyone else does.

On paper, the idea of PFL and Bellator joining forces appears to be a formidable challenge to the UFC’s dominance in the MMA world. While a robust roster of fighters is a crucial asset, White reminds us that ultimately, combat sports are a business. The PFL’s $100 million injection from Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly significant, but White has seen many competitors throw money at their ventures in an attempt to rival the UFC, and so far, they’ve all fallen short.

White emphasized the difference between running a business and a charity, suggesting that many competitors in the MMA world are more akin to charitable organizations. He highlighted that this approach is unsustainable in the long run.

In response to specific comments made by PFL CEO Donn Davis, who claimed that the PFL pays better than the UFC, White was quick to refute this. He stated, “One of the big things he said in there, which is absolutely false, is that they pay more than the UFC, which is absolutely positively not true.” White also mentioned that he sees the PFL wasting substantial amounts of money.

However, despite the rivalry and heated exchanges, White maintains that he has no animosity towards the PFL. He respects their desire to compete and acknowledges their professionalism in the business. It’s a clear indication that while he thrives on competition and drama, White knows that success in the world of combat sports is no easy feat.

In the end, as the MMA landscape continues to evolve, one thing is certain: Dana White will always have something to say about it, and fans of the sport can expect nothing less than his unfiltered and entertaining perspective. So, let’s sit back and see how this high-stakes game of MMA chess unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Business

What is the background of this story involving Dana White and Bellator?

Dana White, the president of the UFC, responded to rumors about the PFL potentially buying Bellator MMA. The background is that Bellator has been up for sale, with multiple potential buyers interested, and the PFL’s reported interest has stirred up discussions.

Why did Dana White express skepticism about anyone buying Bellator?

Dana White questioned the logic behind purchasing Bellator, emphasizing that it’s a questionable business move. He believes Bellator has made a series of bad decisions in the past and questions why anyone would want to invest in it.

What was Dana White’s reaction to the reported $500 million price tag for Bellator?

Dana White responded with humor, suggesting that the reported price sounded like a “steal” and encouraged someone to buy it quickly. His reaction added a touch of sarcasm to the situation.

What did Dana White say about the PFL and Bellator potentially challenging the UFC?

While acknowledging the importance of a strong roster of fighters, Dana White emphasized that combat sports are ultimately a business. He pointed out that many competitors have tried to rival the UFC with significant investments but have failed.

Did Dana White respond to claims that the PFL pays better than the UFC?

Yes, Dana White refuted these claims, stating that the PFL’s assertion that they pay better than the UFC is “absolutely positively not true.” He also mentioned seeing the PFL wasting significant amounts of money.

How does Dana White feel about the PFL as a competitor?

Despite the rivalry, Dana White expressed respect for the PFL and its professionalism in the business. He has no animosity towards them and acknowledges their intent to compete with the UFC.

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