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Dana White Draws Parallels Between Amanda Nunes’ Retirement and Lorenzo Fertitta’s Departure from Combat Sports

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Dana White has rarely attempted to dissuade fighters from retiring when they feel it’s time to hang up their gloves, but UFC 289 may have evoked those emotions within him.

In the main event on Saturday night, Amanda Nunes completely dominated Irene Aldana before symbolically setting down her gloves and relinquishing her two UFC titles. Nunes announced her departure from the sport, indicating her readiness to shift her focus to family life. With a remarkable legacy as arguably the greatest women’s fighter in MMA, Nunes has left an indelible mark.

Rather than harboring anger or disappointment over Nunes’ retirement, White experienced a deep sadness akin to when his close friend orchestrated the sale of the UFC before permanently stepping away from combat sports.

“At the UFC 289 post-fight press conference,” White stated, “I have to approach this retirement the same way I approached Lorenzo [Fertitta] retiring. I wasn’t happy when Lorenzo retired either, but he told me, ‘You know what? This is what I want. Be happy for me.’ So, if this is what Amanda wants, then I’m genuinely happy for her.”

While White acknowledges his desire to witness Nunes continue her career, emphasizing his fondness for her, he ultimately respects her decision if she’s prepared to move on.

“Of course, I’d love to see her stick around and do more,” White expressed. “I adore her. She’s been an incredible collaborator. She possesses an exemplary character and is an extraordinary champion. Undoubtedly, she is the greatest female fighter of all time. I’d love to have her stay. However, if she’s ready to leave, then we must support her.”

Prior to her fight, Nunes had contemplated retirement after losing her UFC bantamweight title to Julianna Peña in 2021. However, she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the division in Pena’s hands and ultimately made a triumphant comeback to reclaim her belt in a rematch against Peña.

Following her recent dominant victory over Aldana in yet another title defense, Nunes now feels prepared to permanently retire from the sport.

While it saddens White to bid her farewell, he admits that he’s not entirely surprised by Nunes’ decision, given her lengthy and financially rewarding tenure in the UFC.

“I’m not shocked by her retirement,” White admitted. “I’ve been saying for a while that she’s made a lot of money, and her life is drastically different from what it was ten years ago.”

White sensed this moment approaching, recognizing that Nunes has accumulated considerable wealth. Although he acknowledges her exceptional performance and commends her for shutting down a top-ranked contender like Aldana, White believes it’s the journey leading up to this point and the sacrifices she has made that have influenced Nunes’ retirement.

Regarding her final display, White had nothing but admiration for Nunes, who secured yet another shutout victory against a formidable opponent. Nunes swept every round on the scorecards, with all three judges awarding her at least one 10-8 round during the fight.

Apart from securing a finish, Nunes couldn’t have delivered a more outstanding performance for her farewell bout.

“She looked absolutely phenomenal,” White praised. “An incredible performance, completely shutting her opponent down. I believe one of the guys mentioned tonight that it was the highest number of punches landed or something of the sort. Tonight, she broke two records: the most punches she’s ever landed, and I think she surpassed Sara McMann’s takedown record. More records for her.”

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Q: How did Dana White react to Amanda Nunes’ retirement?

A: Dana White expressed a profound sadness similar to when his close friend, Lorenzo Fertitta, retired from combat sports. While he would have liked to see Nunes continue fighting, he respected her decision and was genuinely happy for her.

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