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Dana White begs Chris Weidman, ‘please, please retire’ after UFC 292 loss; Weidman vows ‘I’m not done’

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UFC retirement dilemma

Dana White has earnestly urged Chris Weidman to consider retirement after his loss at UFC 292, but Weidman remains determined to continue fighting. Weidman made his comeback after a lengthy hiatus due to a severe leg injury suffered in a prior match. Despite surviving all three rounds, he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Brad Tavares, who relentlessly attacked his legs with powerful kicks. Dana White expressed his affection for Weidman and emphasized the need to retire, citing a potential new injury to his knee. White stressed that given Weidman’s history of injuries and his age, it might be wise to step away from professional fighting.

Weidman, on the other hand, talked about his hesitations due to the surgically repaired leg during the fight and expressed surprise when Tavares targeted his legs aggressively. He found it particularly frustrating when his surgery leg was kicked. He acknowledged the pain in both legs and noted the puffiness in his surgery leg. While Weidman didn’t provide a full assessment of the damage, he anticipated some discomfort in the coming weeks.

As for his future, Weidman seemed resolute about his intentions to continue fighting. Despite White’s appeal for retirement, Weidman remained defiant, stating that he wasn’t finished and asserting his determination to return to the octagon in even better form. The conflict between White’s plea for retirement and Weidman’s insistence on pursuing his fighting career creates uncertainty about what lies ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC retirement dilemma

What happened at UFC 292 for Chris Weidman?

Chris Weidman made his long-awaited comeback after a two-year hiatus due to a severe leg injury. He faced Brad Tavares but lost via unanimous decision.

What was Dana White’s reaction to Chris Weidman’s loss?

Dana White pleaded with Weidman to retire, expressing concern about his age and potential for further injuries, particularly a new knee injury.

How did Chris Weidman respond to Dana White’s request to retire?

Despite White’s plea, Weidman remained determined to continue fighting, asserting that he wasn’t done and that he would return to the octagon.

How did Chris Weidman’s surgically repaired leg affect the fight?

Weidman admitted hesitancy due to his surgically repaired leg during the fight, and Brad Tavares capitalized on this by targeting his legs with powerful kicks.

Did Chris Weidman address the damage to his legs?

Weidman mentioned that both legs were hurting significantly after the fight, especially the one that had been surgically repaired. He anticipated pain in the coming weeks.

What was Chris Weidman’s view on the tactics used by Brad Tavares?

Weidman expressed surprise and frustration at Tavares’ aggressive leg-kicking strategy, particularly when his surgery leg was targeted.

What is the future outlook for Chris Weidman’s fighting career?

Despite Dana White’s plea for retirement, Weidman remained defiant, asserting that he would come back even stronger and that this fight was an opportunity to get back in the octagon.

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