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Dana White Assertively Addresses Misinterpretation of His Remarks on USADA and Conor McGregor

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Dana White USADA Comments

Dana White is eager to clarify his deep respect for the USADA, contradicting recent comments that appeared otherwise.

In a conversation with TSN, the UFC chief was questioned about the current situation of ex-two-division champion Conor McGregor, specifically his potential return to competition, considering he hasn’t re-enrolled in the USADA drug-testing program. McGregor hasn’t fought since July 2021 due to a broken leg from a match lost to Dustin Poirier, and he needs to be tested six months before his comeback fight as he was removed from the pool.

White expressed his belief that a face-off between McGregor and the opposing The Ultimate Fighter 31 coach Michael Chandler could still occur by the end of 2023. He then informed TSN:

“We’ll see how that turns out. They’re claiming that now, but we can’t be certain. I refrain from discussing things until they materialize. Predicting a multitude of potential outcomes is futile… As for the Conor situation, no one knows how that will unfold. Regardless of what USADA says, we’ll see when it happens. So I’m unsure.”

White’s perceived dismissal of USADA’s role in supervising UFC fighters stirred significant criticism on social media, which White believes to be a result of reporters misrepresenting his words.

During the UFC 290 post-bout press conference on Saturday in Las Vegas, White was given a chance to address the controversy.

“I appreciate you bringing this up,” White declared. “Before discussing this, several matters need to be addressed. On Friday, I was in an interview, and numerous unprincipled individuals wrote misleading articles that I declared, ‘Ignore USADA, I don’t care about their opinions.’ This is far from what I said, so firstly, I want to express my dissatisfaction with everyone who published that story. Secondly, several procedures must be completed before he fights.

“My point was that regardless of who is speaking, whether it’s USADA or anyone else, it’s not worth discussing right now. People keep raising this issue, allowing dishonorable individuals to pen such false stories. I never said, ‘I don’t care about USADA’s opinions’ or disrespected USADA in any way. Regardless of what anyone says, I don’t know how this situation will resolve. Let’s be patient.”

White didn’t elaborate further on how McGregor might be qualified to fight within the next six months, given USADA’s standard prerequisites for returning fighters.

Regardless of whether White’s expectations are warranted, he and McGregor appear to be aligned, as suggested by McGregor’s Saturday evening tweets. “The Notorious” took to Twitter to answer queries about the Chandler matchup, stating his intention to compete in December.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dana White USADA Comments

What were Dana White’s recent comments about USADA and Conor McGregor?

Dana White recently made comments regarding the ongoing status of Conor McGregor and the USADA drug-testing program. He expressed confidence in a potential fight between McGregor and Michael Chandler and mentioned that he doesn’t want to speculate on hypothetical scenarios. White clarified that his remarks were not meant to disrespect USADA and that there are other factors that need to be addressed before McGregor can compete again.

Why did Dana White receive criticism for his comments?

Dana White faced criticism due to his perceived disregard for the role of USADA in regulating UFC athletes. Some interpreted his comments as dismissing the importance of USADA’s opinions and processes. However, White clarified that his words were misconstrued, emphasizing that he respects USADA and that the media’s misrepresentation led to negative publicity.

How did Dana White respond to the backlash?

During a post-fight press conference, Dana White addressed the criticism, expressing his frustration with reporters who distorted his statements. He clarified that he never said he doesn’t care about USADA’s opinions and explained that there are several factors to be considered before McGregor’s return. White stated that the situation should not be discussed until further developments occur, urging everyone to wait and see how things unfold.

What did Conor McGregor say about the situation?

Conor McGregor took to Twitter to respond to questions about his potential fight against Michael Chandler. He stated his plans to compete in December, indicating alignment with Dana White’s expectations. However, McGregor’s tweets did not provide further insight into how he plans to meet the USADA’s standard requirements for returning fighters in the next six months.

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UFCfanatic July 9, 2023 - 5:59 pm

It’s all just drama! Dana White knows how to stir the pot and get people talking. I bet he’s secretly enjoying the controversy. McGregor will fight when he’s ready, regardless of what USADA says. That’s the bottom line!

MMAqueen July 9, 2023 - 8:41 pm

OMG, Dana White needs to be more careful with his words! The way he talks about USADA is disrespectful and shows he doesn’t care about rules and regulations. McGregor should follow the proper testing procedures, no exceptions!

SportsGuru23 July 10, 2023 - 4:52 am

I think Dana White has a point. Why speculate about things that haven’t happened yet? Let’s focus on what’s important – the upcoming fights and getting McGregor back in the Octagon. Can’t wait for the Chandler matchup!

fightfan92 July 10, 2023 - 12:31 pm

dana white’s comments were just misunderstood by those haters on social media, he didn’t say he dont care about usada, he said let’s wait n see what happens! give him a break!


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