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Dan Hardy reveals what he hopes Francis Ngannou learns from Mike Tyson for Tyson Fury fight

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Ngannou's Boxing Debut

In a recent revelation, Dan Hardy, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has shed light on the audacious move by Francis Ngannou as he steps into the world of professional boxing. Ngannou is set to go toe-to-toe with the renowned Tyson Fury in a 10-round boxing showdown scheduled for October 28th in Saudi Arabia. This face-off marks a pivotal moment for “The Predator” as it not only signals his departure from the UFC, where he relinquished his heavyweight championship but also signifies his new affiliation with the PFL, where he is anticipated to make his promotional debut in early 2024.

Dan Hardy, who is actively involved in broadcasting for the PFL, recently shared his perspective on Ngannou’s foray into boxing, particularly against the seasoned heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. He commended Ngannou’s bravery in taking on such a monumental challenge but also highlighted the immense skill and reputation of Tyson Fury in the world of boxing.

Hardy articulated his admiration for Tyson Fury, even suggesting that Fury might be considered the best heavyweight boxer in history. He attributed this assertion to Fury’s remarkable agility and technique despite his imposing stature. Hardy emphasized Fury’s ability to move gracefully despite his size while possessing exceptional defensive skills and an impressive ability to absorb powerful punches, a quality for which he is well-known.

Recognizing that Ngannou is likely to enter the boxing ring as a significant underdog against the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, Dan Hardy pointed out an intriguing aspect of Ngannou’s training camp. Ngannou is enlisting the help of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to prepare for this epic clash.

According to Hardy, Mike Tyson’s involvement brings a fascinating dimension to Ngannou’s preparation. He expressed his curiosity about what Ngannou can glean from working with Tyson, hoping that the legendary boxer would impart some elements of his iconic “peekaboo” style. Additionally, Hardy suggested that Tyson might encourage Ngannou to diversify his approach by focusing on body shots. This, he explained, could be vital because power punchers often tend to target the head, and Tyson Fury, with his towering frame, excels at evading headshots and retaliating with devastating uppercuts.

In closing, Hardy acknowledged the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead for Francis Ngannou. He applauded Ngannou’s willingness to take risks, emphasizing that stepping into the boxing ring against Tyson Fury represents one of the most significant risks he has ever taken in his boxing career. It remains to be seen how the collaboration with Mike Tyson and Ngannou’s preparations will unfold in the lead-up to this high-stakes showdown in Saudi Arabia on October 28th.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ngannou’s Boxing Debut

Q: Who is Francis Ngannou, and why is his boxing debut significant?

A: Francis Ngannou is a former UFC heavyweight champion known for his devastating knockout power. His move into boxing is significant as he’s facing Tyson Fury, a renowned heavyweight champion, in his pro boxing debut, a bold step that departs from his UFC career.

Q: What does Dan Hardy think about Ngannou’s chances against Tyson Fury?

A: Dan Hardy acknowledges Ngannou’s courage but also highlights Tyson Fury’s exceptional boxing skills. He believes Tyson Fury may be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever, making this a formidable challenge for Ngannou.

Q: How is Mike Tyson involved in Ngannou’s preparations?

A: Mike Tyson is working with Francis Ngannou to prepare for the Tyson Fury fight. Dan Hardy hopes Tyson can bring some of his famed “peekaboo” style to Ngannou’s training and encourage a focus on body shots to diversify his approach.

Q: What are the potential advantages of Mike Tyson’s coaching for Ngannou?

A: Mike Tyson’s expertise can help Ngannou improve his boxing technique and defense. Tyson’s peekaboo style is known for its effectiveness, and diversifying Ngannou’s strategy can be vital when facing a skillful opponent like Tyson Fury.

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