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Conor McGregor’s Return? Darren Till Doubts It: ‘The Struggle to Let Go Is Real’

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Darren Till is skeptical about the chances of Conor McGregor ever stepping back into the fighting arena.

For the past two years, McGregor has been inactive in his fighting career, primarily due to a severe leg injury he suffered in his third bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Despite the fact that “The Notorious” has hinted at a comeback in the ring, no definitive plans have been made. The original plan was for McGregor to go toe-to-toe with Michael Chandler after co-coaching The Ultimate Fighter 31, aiming for a fight towards the end of the year. However, without McGregor re-entering the USADA testing pool, this bout remains unconfirmed, and Till has doubts that it ever will happen.

In Till’s words, he shared with SportsLens, “McGregor’s comeback isn’t on the horizon, if you ask me. The struggle to let go is real. Conor’s at a place in his life where letting go seems to be the right thing, but he’s holding on. He’s getting older, his training regime has changed, he’s financially set with a beautiful family, but the man just can’t release his grip on the fighting world. A time will come when he realizes he’s in a battle with himself and he needs to let go.”

Till also added, somewhat humorously, “Every time he’s on Twitter, he seems inebriated, and it’s hard not to laugh at the spectacle. It may take time, but he’ll find his peace. Respect for what he’s accomplished is warranted, but now’s the time to move on. The struggle to let go is evident.”

McGregor, however, is not ready to hang up his gloves just yet. Throughout August, he has been drumming up excitement for a potential return. His comments in recent weeks include remarks about his fight with Chandler, plans for December, despite the USADA complications, and even calling out Tony Ferguson. While this is no substitute for re-entering the USADA pool, Till accepts that McGregor might be biding his time for the perfect moment.

Till continued, “Maybe he’s not really struggling to let go. He could prove all of us wrong. Perhaps he’s not ready for the testing or is playing the long game for next year. He’s more savvy in business than most, so trusting his decisions seems reasonable.”

In contrast to McGregor’s ambiguous future, Till is eager to step back into the ring. After requesting his release from UFC in February to explore other avenues, “The Gorilla” is set on a boxing career and is eyeing fights with some of the most prominent names in influencer boxing.

“I need to fight now, I’m so ready,” Till expressed passionately. “You can see how hard I’ve worked this year. I’m eager to face anyone, anywhere, any time. I’m ready for Mike Perry, Logan Paul, Dillon Danis, Jake Paul, Nate Diaz, anyone. Bring it on.”

He concluded with his characteristic bravado, “People might say I lost my last fight, but I’ve always fought with everything I had, injuries or not. I’m ready to roll, feeling strong and full of energy. Perhaps I need to slim down a bit, but I’m good and full of confidence. I want to spar and then jump into the ring, to either brutally win or gloriously lose. So what!”

Darren Till’s outspoken views and McGregor’s own actions keep fans guessing about the future of these fighters. Till’s pursuit of new challenges contrasts starkly with McGregor’s apparent hesitation, creating a riveting storyline in the ever-dramatic world of combat sports. Whether McGregor will indeed return or finally “let go” remains a captivating question.

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