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Conor McGregor Predicts Francis Ngannou’s UFC Career Error – Plans to Finish His Own in the Octagon

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Conor McGregor, a former UFC champion who held two divisions titles, said he still has two more fights on his contract with the organization. If he finishes those fights this year, then he’ll be free to work with other promoters in 2024. However, McGregor doesn’t seem interested in signing for another group since Nate Diaz and Francis Ngannou already left the UFC.

Recently, McGregor said on The MMA Hour that he’s not interested in doing any “side quest” and seeking other forms of money or rewards. Instead, he loves the UFC and wishes to stay with them for his entire career. He really hopes they can continue working together.

McGregor is different than Diaz and Ngannou because he knows how much money could be made from boxing. He earned over $100 million for his “Money Fight” with Mayweather which made it the second highest earning domestic Pay-Per-View ever. When fighters are part of the UFC, they usually get about 15 to 20 percent of the UFC’s revenue.

Conor McGregor has had some disagreements with the UFC, but he still wants to stay with them. He thinks they have done a lot for him and his family, so rather than trying out other organizations like Ngannou or Diaz, he wants to stick with the UFC. He even called it “his company.”

McGregor mentioned that Ngannou’s decision to not renew his UFC contract was unappreciative considering the help he got from them like the rehab at UFC Performance Institute when he suffered a bad knee injury.

McGregor said that Ngannou got a lot. He had an injury, so he was staying at performance institute and using lots of equipment there for free. He also got all his accommodation sorted out without having to pay any money.

I think what he did was a mistake. He hasn’t been in a fight in a while, so I didn’t understand why he jumped into this one right away. It sort of ruined his reputation, but I hope things go well for him anyway.

McGregor is expected to come back to the ring soon and fight Michael Chandler, who he just finished filming with on The Ultimate Fighter 31.

Recently, Ngannou said that he might face former boxing champion Deontay Wilder, after which he could return to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). On the other hand, Diaz challenged Logan Paul as his brother Jake Paul lost his first ever pro-boxing match against Tommy Fury.

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