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Conor McGregor claims Logan Paul ‘backtracking’ on Dillon Danis fight: ‘I hope the lad shows up’

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Conor McGregor has expressed complete confidence that Dillon Danis will attend his planned boxing match with Logan Paul. He countered recent rumors, stating that it’s actually Paul who seems unsure, not Danis. In the past, Danis has pulled out of numerous prominent fights, leading to derision from the MMA world. However, McGregor, speaking ahead of the Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius bout, accused Paul of waffling and declared that he would be assisting Danis in his preparation.

Furthermore, with a potential $100,000 fine looming over Danis if he withdraws from the match, McGregor has assured that they would reciprocate if the situation were reversed. McGregor firmly believes in Danis’s victory, stating, “They’re already retreating; they’re abandoning the fight. I’ve known and trained with Dillon for years. I’m his guide and coach for this, and I promise a win.”

He also emphasized his hope that Logan Paul would not back out, warning, “He attempted to impose a fine on us if we don’t attend; we’ll do the same if he fails to appear.”

The lead-up to the fight has been contentious. Danis has been taunting Paul online, even involving the WWE wrestler’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. He also recently complained that Misfits Boxing is “silencing” him, and threatened to cancel the fight based on how he has promoted it so far.

However, Danis has clarified that he is “fully committed” to entering the ring and that everything is fair in the promotion of the fight.

McGregor expressed satisfaction with Danis’s mental state after recent training sessions, mentioning that he would also prepare for his upcoming fight, likely against Michael Chandler, a coach from The Ultimate Fighter 31.

McGregor affirmed, “I will definitely train him. After this, I’m entering my own training camp. I’ll gather our team, bring Dillon along. I’ve been with him in New York for around a month, and he’s mentally strong, fired up.”

Reflecting on Danis’s recovery from a difficult phase, McGregor concluded, “He was in a tough place. Now he’s bounced back, and he’s doing great. I was thrilled to witness it, and I fully support him.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Conor McGregor

Who is Conor McGregor expressing confidence in for the upcoming fight?

Conor McGregor is expressing full confidence in Dillon Danis for his scheduled boxing match with Logan Paul, and he’s also committed to helping Danis prepare.

What has Logan Paul been accused of by McGregor?

McGregor has accused Logan Paul of ‘backtracking’ or waffling on the fight with Dillon Danis, suggesting that Paul seems unsure or hesitant.

Is there a penalty if Danis pulls out of the fight? What about Paul?

Yes, there is a potential $100,000 penalty for Danis if he pulls out of the fight. McGregor has stated that they will impose a similar penalty on Paul if he fails to show up.

What has been the nature of the build-up to the fight between Danis and Paul?

The build-up to the fight has been contentious and ugly, with Danis taunting Paul on social media and even involving personal matters. Danis has also threatened to cancel the fight over issues with promotion.

What are McGregor’s future plans after helping Danis prepare?

McGregor plans to enter a fight camp of his own after getting Danis ready, likely preparing for an expected bout with fellow The Ultimate Fighter 31 coach Michael Chandler.

How does McGregor describe Danis’s mental state?

McGregor describes Danis’s mental state as strong and revved up. He acknowledges that Danis was in a bad spot but has since picked himself back up and is now in a great mental space.

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