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Commemorating Independence Day: Marveling at 2023’s Top Knockouts

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MMA knockouts 2023

Welcome to the Fourth of July!

Indeed, it’s been 247 years since a group of colonial rebels severed their monarchial ties to establish the United States of America. Today, drinks will be savored, classic American food relished, flags hoisted, and fireworks launched into the sky.

Speaking of fireworks, the MMA world has seen a fair share of thrilling knockouts this year. Thus, we thought it fitting to celebrate this Fourth of July by reminiscing the most electrifying knockouts of the half-year. If we agree on one thing, it’s that founding fathers like George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson would have appreciated these epic bouts. So, here’s our special tribute to the founding fathers – the best knockouts of 2023.

Get ready for the action!


Mid-Year 2023 Awards: Debating the top victors and unfortunate losers thus far this year
Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira

Al-Shatti: The unchallenged leader for 2023 Knockout of the Year, no sequence in MMA over the past six months has inspired more memes, fan edits, and internet buzz than Israel Adesanya’s long-anticipated victory over his nemesis. Two months on, the significance of Adesanya’s legacy-securing brilliance at UFC 287 is still difficult to fully comprehend.

In a twist of fate, it nearly didn’t happen. With Adesanya’s legs nearly failing him and his back pinned to the fence in a scenario eerily similar to his UFC 281 face-off with Alex Pereira, it seemed like history was about to repeat itself. Then “The Last Stylebender” turned the tide with two perfect right hooks, sending his rival straight to oblivion. Rarely have UFC champions managed to reclaim their belts after their prime has ended, but Adesanya’s unwavering self-belief never faltered. The resulting celebration was the most memorable MMA had seen all year.

The Adesanya-Pereira rivalry injected a much-needed adrenaline shot to the middleweight division. With the series tied at one each, we can only hope for a thrilling final showdown.

Sadibou Sy vs. Shane Mitchell

Lee: Every champion has their defining moment, and PFL’s Sadibou Sy has just found his.

Despite Sy’s impressive 2022 championship season, his recent performances had lacked that spark. However, he seems to have rediscovered his knockout prowess.

After a victorious start to his 2023 campaign, Sy showcased his knockout prowess at PFL 6, defeating Shane Mitchell with a spectacular spin kick. This moment is poised to be THE highlight of a PFL season rife with out-of-the-cage drama.

Lorenz Larkin vs. Mukhamed Berkhamov

Al-Shatti: Casual MMA fans may have forgotten about Lorenz Larkin since he left the UFC as a top-7 welterweight in the world in 2016. Larkin reminded us all of his prowess in February with a stunning knockout of Mukhamed Berkhamov using one of the most powerful standing elbows of the year.

Patchy Mix vs. Raufeon Stots

Meshew: Patchy Mix impressed us all with a stunning knee strike that secured a $1 million win this year. This knockout is even more remarkable considering this was only his second career knockout victory.

Krzysztof Glowacki vs. Patryk Tolkaczewski

Lee: Krzysztof Glowacki delivered an unlikely knockout while in a full mount bottom position against Patryk Tolkaczewski. This is the Best Knockout of the Year (so far).

Ismael Bonfim vs. Terrance McKinney

Meshew: Ismael Bonfim’s flying knee knockout against Terrance McKinney was an impeccable demonstration of timing and execution. Even though this knockout lacks significance, it’s nonetheless a highlight-reel moment in his UFC debut.

Honorable Mentions

Edson Barboza vs. Billy Quarantillo (knee) – UFC Kansas City
Nueraji Taiyilake vs. Han Seul Kim (standing elbow) – Road to UFC
Umar Nurmagomedov vs. Raoni Barcelos (punches) – UFC Vegas 67
Brandon Royval vs. Matheus Nicolau (knee and punches) – UFC Kansas City
Brunno Ferreira vs. Gregory Rodrigues (right hook) – UFC 283
Dan Ige vs. Damon Jackson (left hook) – UFC Vegas 67

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA knockouts 2023

What is the significance of this text?

This text highlights the celebration of Independence Day while reviewing the most thrilling MMA knockouts of 2023, featuring notable fighters such as Adesanya, Sy, Larkin, and more.

Which events are mentioned in the text?

The text mentions various MMA events, including UFC 287, PFL 6, UFC Kansas City, Road to UFC, UFC Vegas 67, and UFC 283.

Who are some of the fighters mentioned in the text?

The text mentions fighters like Israel Adesanya, Sadibou Sy, Lorenz Larkin, Patchy Mix, Krzysztof Glowacki, Terrance McKinney, and more.

Are there any honorable mentions?

Yes, the text includes a list of honorable mentions, featuring fights between Edson Barboza and Billy Quarantillo, Nueraji Taiyilake and Han Seul Kim, Umar Nurmagomedov and Raoni Barcelos, Brandon Royval and Matheus Nicolau, Brunno Ferreira and Gregory Rodrigues, and Dan Ige and Damon Jackson.

What is the overall theme of the text?

The text combines the celebration of Independence Day with an overview of the most thrilling MMA knockouts of 2023, showcasing impressive moments and highlighting notable fighters and events.

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