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Coach Diego Lima Asserts Charles Oliveira will Defeat Islam Makhachev in Rematch: ‘It’s the Logical Fight to Stage’

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Charles Oliveira vs Islam Makhachev rematch

In a previous face-off, Islam Makhachev overpowered Charles Oliveira to seize the UFC lightweight championship in Abu Dhabi last October. However, “do Bronx” is eager for a rematch against the Russian champion, following a recent knockout victory over Beneil Dariush at UFC 289.

Diego Lima, “do Bronx”‘s head coach and manager at Chute Boxe, feels the rematch is the logical next step for both 155-pound fighters. This is largely due to Oliveira’s impressive string of four consecutive wins against top-ranking lightweights including Dariush, Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and Michael Chandler.

“In the rankings, Charles holds the top position,” Lima explained in an MMA Hook interview. “Among the top 5, he’s the leader and has defeated the rest in a remarkable manner. There’s no other fight that makes sense. It’s not merely a desire for a rematch; it’s the logical choice. Makhachev is the right opponent.”

Post-fight, UFC’s Dana White didn’t officially confirm whether Oliveira would face off against Makhachev again, leaving Lima to acknowledge that anything is possible in the UFC.

“Do we plan another fight in the interim? It’s uncertain,” expressed Lima. “For instance, Poirier relinquished a title shot, fought McGregor, and then returned to vie for the title. McGregor currently seems disinterested in battling Chandler. Perhaps he saw something in Charles’ fight that intrigued him? Who can tell?

“Could we potentially stage a fight at 170 with a guaranteed lightweight title shot for next year in Brazil? We’re aware that this year will feature a Fight Night on November 4 in Sao Paulo, but Brazil may host a numbered card early next year. Charles is well-deserving of a championship in his home country. His dream is to compete in Brazil, and he’s earned that opportunity.”

Unlike Oliveira, Lima has repeatedly revisited the fight that saw his protégé lose to Makhachev. He agrees with Oliveira’s self-assessment of not recognizing himself inside the cage that day.

“As difficult as it is to admit, Charles wasn’t himself,” acknowledged Lima. “He wasn’t in top form. It’s unproductive to make excuses following a loss. That day was Makhachev’s day, not Charles’. He deserves commendation for his victory. None of our strategies played out, not because Makhachev outmaneuvered us, but simply because they failed to materialize. We’ll regroup, train, and aim to triumph in the rematch.”

He added, “It’s not about revising our strategy; it’s about successfully implementing it. I have faith in our game plans. I don’t mean to diminish Makhachev’s prowess – he’s undoubtedly formidable. But on that particular day, unfortunately, Charles wasn’t at his best.”

Lima predicts another victory for Oliveira in the rematch against Makhachev, believing that if Oliveira successfully implements their strategy, it will result in another knockout for his UFC record.

“A knockout is in the cards,” insisted Lima. “Despite Charles holding the record for most submissions in UFC history, the fight begins standing up, and we have significant plans for striking – which extend to the ground game. Charles took Chandler down and earned a TKO. He could have sought a mount and submission. Charles’ strength and exceptional attacks lead me to predict a knockout. But if the fight goes to the ground, we have submission in our arsenal.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Charles Oliveira vs Islam Makhachev rematch

Q: What is the significance of the rematch between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev?

A: The rematch holds significance as Charles Oliveira, the former lightweight champion, wants another shot at Islam Makhachev, the current champion. Oliveira’s coach, Diego Lima, believes it is the logical fight to make, considering Oliveira’s recent impressive wins and his top-ranking position in the lightweight division.

Q: Has the rematch been officially confirmed by the UFC?

A: The UFC president, Dana White, has not made an official announcement regarding the rematch between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev. While Oliveira’s coach believes it is the ideal next fight, it remains uncertain whether the UFC will book the rematch.

Q: How did Charles Oliveira’s coach assess Oliveira’s loss to Makhachev in their previous encounter?

A: Oliveira’s coach, Diego Lima, watched the fight multiple times and acknowledged that Oliveira was not himself on that day. Lima believes it is unproductive to make excuses, giving credit to Makhachev for his victory. He emphasizes that Oliveira will regroup, train, and aim to perform better in the rematch.

Q: What is the coach’s prediction for the rematch?

A: Diego Lima predicts a knockout victory for Charles Oliveira in the rematch against Islam Makhachev. He highlights Oliveira’s striking abilities and strength, expressing confidence that if they can successfully implement their game plan, a knockout is highly possible. However, Lima also acknowledges that if the fight goes to the ground, Oliveira’s submission skills will come into play.

Q: Are there any alternative scenarios for Oliveira before the rematch?

A: While the rematch with Makhachev is the preferred choice, Diego Lima suggests the possibility of Oliveira participating in another fight before the rematch. He speculates on potential options like a fight at 170 pounds with a guaranteed title shot for next year in Brazil. However, these alternative scenarios are speculative, and it ultimately depends on the decisions made by the UFC.

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