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Chris Weidman Dodges Major Knee Damage but Still Faces Leg Fracture After UFC 292 Bout

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UFC 292: Weidman Avoids Knee Trouble

In his clash with Brad Tavares at UFC 292, Chris Weidman successfully sidestepped any catastrophic knee issues but still couldn’t get out of the octagon untouched.

Returning to the sport after a two-year hiatus, Weidman, the ex-middleweight titleholder, was back in the ring after suffering a grotesque leg snap in a 2021 duel with Uriah Hall. Despite his enthusiastic return, Weidman fell short, losing to Tavares in a unanimous decision. Tavares went full-on berserker mode on Weidman’s legs, relentlessly delivering a barrage of kicks over three rounds.

UFC’s head honcho Dana White cryptically suggested that Weidman might have picked up yet another severe injury during the fight and practically pleaded with him to “hang up the gloves already.” Retirement, however, doesn’t seem to be on Weidman’s to-do list. Still, the former champ is slated for some downtime as he nurses a newly fractured left leg—especially poignant given his right leg break two years prior.

During an episode of his Sirius XM show, Weidman provided some clarity, stating, “No ligaments were torn, so all those alphabet soup ligaments like ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, you name it, are intact. That’s a big win because tearing any of those would mean half a year to a year in the recovery lounge. So, yay for ligaments! However, my left leg did catch a fracture from one of those savage kicks. Specifically, the upper tibia bone right under my knee is what got cracked. But hey, the silver lining? Just a four-week pit stop for recovery.”

Given the four-week healing window for his left leg, it seems Weidman will have to sit tight until at least October before he can get back to throwing punches and kicks in training. As of now, there’s no buzz about when he’ll be climbing back into the cage for another bout.

Weidman, who at 39 has already braved multiple surgeries—including four on his previously broken right leg—shows no signs of slowing down. The seasoned fighter is already sketching out his next comeback, waiting to leap back into the octagon once his latest fracture takes a backseat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 292: Weidman Avoids Knee Trouble, Faces Fractured Leg – A Fighter’s Resilience Shines

What happened to Chris Weidman during UFC 292?

Chris Weidman, the former middleweight champion, faced Brad Tavares at UFC 292. While he avoided serious knee injuries, he did suffer a fractured left leg as a result of Tavares’ kicks.

How long was Chris Weidman out of the octagon before UFC 292?

Chris Weidman returned to the octagon in August for UFC 292 after a two-year layoff. His absence followed a leg fracture in a fight with Uriah Hall in 2021.

Did Chris Weidman win his comeback fight at UFC 292?

No, Chris Weidman did not win his comeback fight at UFC 292. He lost in a unanimous decision to Brad Tavares, who targeted his legs with a series of kicks.

What did Dana White suggest after Chris Weidman’s fight?

Dana White, the UFC president, hinted that Chris Weidman might have suffered another significant injury during the fight with Brad Tavares. He even pleaded with Weidman to retire.

How severe was Chris Weidman’s leg injury at UFC 292?

Chris Weidman’s leg injury at UFC 292 resulted in a fractured left leg. He clarified that there were no ligament tears but a fracture in the upper tibia bone below his knee.

How long is Chris Weidman’s recovery expected to be?

Chris Weidman mentioned that his recovery from the fractured leg would take around four weeks. Despite the injury, he remains determined and plans to return to training.

Is Chris Weidman planning to retire after this injury?

Despite Dana White’s suggestion to retire, Chris Weidman is not planning to hang up his gloves. He’s shown his resilience in the face of injuries and intends to make another comeback.

How many surgeries has Chris Weidman undergone in his career?

Throughout his career, Chris Weidman has undergone several surgeries, including four on his right leg. These challenges have not deterred him from pursuing his fighting career.

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MusicLover456 August 31, 2023 - 12:04 pm

So Weidman’s takin’ a beating and a fractured leg, but he’s not lettin’ the music stop! Dana’s beggin’ for a retirement concert, but Weidman’s still got songs to play.

MovieBuff23 August 31, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Seriously, UFC’s got its own drama! Weidman’s leg snaps, but he’s still plannin’ a comeback? Man’s got guts, gotta hand it to him. Dana’s like “hang it up,” but he’s like “no way!”


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