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Chris Curtis Provides Clarity on Ian Machado Garry’s Injury Involvement: ‘It Wasn’t Ian’s Fault’

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Injury Controversy

In a recent turn of events, Chris Curtis, affectionately known as “The Action Man,” found himself unable to step into the Octagon for his much-anticipated bout against Anthony Hernandez at Noche UFC. The reason behind his withdrawal became a matter of controversy, as fans quickly linked it to footage of Curtis sustaining an injury during a sparring session with Ian Machado Garry, a previously undefeated fighter who faced a barrage of criticism.

However, Chris Curtis has now taken the stage to set the record straight and exonerate Ian Machado Garry from any blame in this unfortunate incident. During an appearance on The MMA Hour, Curtis explained, “Just clearing something up, because I think Ian Garry got a lot of s*** for it. Ian wasn’t the main one responsible.”

Curtis went on to provide a detailed account of what led to his injury, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding that fateful sparring session. “The day before that, I had wrestled, and I took somebody down. I took a knee to the chest when I took him down, just landed weird. So it’s kind of weird; it felt kind of odd, and I was like, whatever, I’ll deal with it.”

He continued, “So Ian happened to land a kick when we were sparring, it bounced off my elbow, and it just hit that bottom rib that I hurt earlier and it separated the rib, it tore all the cartilage in my chest. It wasn’t Ian’s fault. I probably shouldn’t have sparred, but I wanted to help out. It was not Ian’s fault, guys. The guy’s good at sparring, good control, it was just a freak accident that’s probably already a little hurt.”

This revelation sheds light on the unfortunate series of events that led to Curtis’s withdrawal and alleviates any misconceptions about Ian Machado Garry’s involvement.

For Chris Curtis, this setback marks another stroke of bad luck in a career that spans two decades. He has recently faced a challenging streak of fights, with only one victory in his last four outings. His most recent bout against Nassourdine Imavov ended in a no-contest due to an accidental clash of heads.

Despite these setbacks, Curtis is determined to make a triumphant return to the Octagon. He has been cleared to resume training and is eager to get back to doing what he loves. “I’m better,” Curtis exclaimed. “UFC insurance plan, stem cells in my chest twice a week for three weeks, so I’m feeling better. I’ve been sitting around on my ass for six weeks just kind of resting, it’s the first time in a few years I’ve just kind of had time off, so I feel good.”

He added, “I’m going to start practice again today, I’ve been sparring a little bit here and there. I’ve been afraid to grapple. So today I’m going to grapple for the first time, see how it feels, hopefully I’m good to get back into it because my life is really empty when I can’t train. It’s not great for mental health, so hopefully I can get back into it today.”

As Curtis plans his return, there’s the intriguing possibility of a change in weight class. While he has primarily competed at 185 pounds since joining the UFC in 2021, Curtis was previously known for his welterweight accomplishments. He hinted at the possibility of returning to the welterweight division, saying, “We’ve been looking at maybe 170 next year, going back to welterweight.”

Explaining the rationale behind this potential move, Curtis noted the challenges of competing against larger middleweights. “I’ve never been a middleweight, and it’s hard, it’s really hard fighting these giants. I’ve always been shorter, but now when you get close to somebody, everyone’s got 30 pounds on me, so it sucks. Maybe go back to 170, maybe make some changes at ’85, just not sure yet.”

Curtis also has personal matters to consider, with the arrival of a new family member in October. He shared, “I may fight in December, maybe, but we’ve got a kid on the way [in October], so the schedule’s kind of tricky right now.”

In the midst of this tumultuous journey, Curtis has already set his sights on a potential opponent. He issued a callout to fellow veteran Bryan Barberena on social media, and it seems that Barberena is open to the idea of this matchup.

As Chris Curtis continues his path in the world of mixed martial arts, his determination and resilience shine through. The recent injury setback may have delayed his return, but it has not dampened his spirits or his drive to succeed. Whether he returns at welterweight or middleweight, one thing is certain: The Action Man is ready for his next chapter in the cage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Injury Controversy

What caused Chris Curtis to withdraw from his fight with Anthony Hernandez?

Chris Curtis had to withdraw from his fight with Anthony Hernandez due to an injury he suffered during training.

Was Ian Machado Garry responsible for Chris Curtis’s injury?

No, Ian Machado Garry was not responsible for Chris Curtis’s injury. Curtis clarified that the injury occurred due to a combination of factors, including a previous day’s wrestling session and an accidental kick during sparring with Ian. It was deemed a freak accident, and Ian Machado Garry was not to blame.

How is Chris Curtis recovering from his injury?

Chris Curtis has been on the mend and has undergone treatment, including stem cell therapy. He mentioned feeling better and has been cleared to resume training, albeit cautiously.

Is Chris Curtis considering changing weight classes in the future?

Yes, Chris Curtis is contemplating a return to the welterweight division (170 pounds) after primarily competing at middleweight (185 pounds). He cited the challenges of facing larger opponents in the middleweight class as a reason for this potential move.

When can we expect to see Chris Curtis back in action?

Chris Curtis is hopeful of making a return, possibly in December. However, his schedule might be influenced by personal matters, as he and his partner are expecting a child in October.

Who might be Chris Curtis’s next opponent?

Chris Curtis has issued a callout to fellow veteran Bryan Barberena on social media, and it appears that Barberena is open to the idea of a matchup.

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