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Chito Vera Expresses Doubt About Sean O’Malley’s Willingness to Rematch: “I Guess When You’re a Champion You Can Call the Shots”

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Chito Vera isn’t entirely convinced that Sean O’Malley is eager for a rematch. In a recent interview, the fighter who handed O’Malley his sole MMA loss in 2020 at UFC 252 expressed his uncertainty about the prospect of a rematch. This uncertainty comes despite the buzz surrounding the potential second showdown, especially after O’Malley’s victory over Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292, which crowned him the UFC bantamweight champion.

When asked about the possibility of a rematch during a Noche UFC Q&A session, Vera shared his perspective, saying, “As of now, they haven’t said anything yet. I’m preparing as if I’m fighting in December. Why not? The guy was talking about fighting and stuff like that, and now he’s backing out. I guess when you’re a champion you can call the shots, so let’s see what that b**** wants to do.”

It’s evident that the silence from O’Malley’s camp regarding a potential rematch has left Vera somewhat perplexed. Nonetheless, he remains determined to stay in top form and is ready for any challenge that comes his way. Vera’s confidence in a rematch hasn’t wavered since their initial encounter, despite both fighters enjoying significant success in the UFC’s bantamweight division since then.

Vera, currently ranked No. 6 in the UFC’s divisional rankings (No. 9 in the MMA Hook Global Rankings), is fresh off a unanimous decision victory over Pedro Munhoz at UFC 292. His dedication to continuous improvement is clear: “I just keep getting better, keep training, staying in better shape, show up a little faster than I was before, better technique than I had before. If I can improve a little bit from where I was in the fight before, that’s all I need to be.”

While acknowledging O’Malley’s skills, Vera is resolute in his belief that history will repeat itself in a rematch. He confidently stated, “He’s a good fighter. He has the belt right now. But make no mistake, I’m going to kick his ass again.”

In response to a fan’s query about his prediction for the rematch, Vera left no room for ambiguity: “I’m going to put him out before the bell rings. I guarantee that. He’s a p****.”

Chito Vera’s unwavering confidence and determination set the stage for what could be a highly anticipated and explosive rematch between these two bantamweight contenders. Whether O’Malley accepts the challenge remains to be seen, but Vera is undoubtedly ready to prove himself once again in the octagon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rematch

Q: What is the background of the rivalry between Chito Vera and Sean O’Malley?

A: The rivalry between Chito Vera and Sean O’Malley stems from their MMA fight at UFC 252 in 2020, where Vera handed O’Malley his first and only loss. Since then, there has been ongoing talk of a rematch, especially after O’Malley became the UFC bantamweight champion with a win at UFC 292.

Q: Has Sean O’Malley officially agreed to a rematch with Chito Vera?

A: As of the latest update, Sean O’Malley has not officially agreed to a rematch with Chito Vera. Despite initial suggestions, there has been no confirmation or announcement regarding a second fight between them.

Q: How confident is Chito Vera about winning a rematch?

A: Chito Vera remains highly confident about winning a potential rematch with Sean O’Malley. He believes in his continuous improvement and states that if he can even slightly improve from their first encounter, he has what it takes to win again.

Q: What are Chito Vera’s recent achievements in the UFC’s bantamweight division?

A: Chito Vera is currently ranked No. 6 in the UFC’s divisional rankings and recently secured a unanimous decision victory over Pedro Munhoz at UFC 292. His consistent dedication to training and improvement has contributed to his success in the division.

Q: What did Chito Vera predict for a potential rematch with Sean O’Malley?

A: Chito Vera predicted that he would “put him [Sean O’Malley] out before the bell rings” in a rematch. He expressed strong confidence in his ability to win decisively if a second fight were to take place.

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TechGuru7 September 16, 2023 - 7:35 pm

MMA and tech have something in common – constant improvement. Chito’s not holding back!

FightNerd55 September 17, 2023 - 12:03 pm

So, O’Malley hasn’t said a word? That’s shady. Chito’s callin’ the shots, I like that attitude!

SportsGeek23 September 17, 2023 - 3:51 pm

Sean O’Malley better step up, Chito Vera’s been trainin’ hard, no doubt ’bout it!


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