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Charles Oliveira once said he would never fight in Canada again, but felt ‘in my backyard’ at UFC 289

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At UFC 289, Charles Oliveira experienced a remarkable reception from the Vancouver crowd, solidifying his decision to retract his previous statement about never fighting in Canada again. His first-round knockout victory over Beneil Dariush further cemented his status as a fan-favorite.

During his earlier years as a UFC fighter, Oliveira had encountered disappointment in his four visits to Canada between 2010 and 2016. Defeats to Jim Miller, Cub Swanson, Max Holloway, and Anthony Pettis, each resulting in a finish, left Oliveira disheartened.

Diego Lima, Oliveira’s head coach and manager, recalled a conversation where Oliveira humorously but earnestly expressed his reluctance to fight in Canada. Both Lima and Oliveira agreed that it was an unlikely scenario.

Initially scheduled to face Dariush at UFC 288 in Newark, Oliveira had to withdraw due to an injury. When the opportunity to reschedule the fight for UFC 289 in Vancouver arose, the condition was that it had to take place in Canada. Despite his reservations, Oliveira accepted the challenge, viewing it as an additional obstacle to overcome.

Ultimately, Oliveira emerged victorious, securing his first win on Canadian soil. This triumph now propels him towards a potential rematch with Islam Makhachev for the UFC lightweight championship.

Fighting in Canada has now left a positive and lasting impression on the São Paulo native. The overwhelming support he received from the Vancouver crowd, with nearly 20,000 people giving him a standing ovation, made Oliveira feel as though he was competing in his own backyard. The emotional impact of the experience was profound, with Oliveira shedding tears both before and after the fight. The post-event atmosphere was equally remarkable, as thousands of fans screamed his name outside the hotel, leaving an indelible memory.

It took more than a decade for Oliveira to transcend being just another talented Brazilian fighter and become a beloved figure worldwide. He attributes this achievement to his humility and respect for others. Oliveira emphasizes that material possessions, such as money, cars, and fame, have never defined him. He remains the same respectful individual, extending his kindness to everyone he encounters. Oliveira prides himself on avoiding any controversies associated with his name, insisting that he is still the same person he was as a young child from the favelas. His journey from difficult circumstances to his current success reminds him of his roots and compels him to give back to others.

Oliveira acknowledges that he has experienced personal growth, but he consults with his close relatives to ensure that he remains true to himself. As long as they affirm that he has not changed, Oliveira feels grounded. He dismisses the criticisms and attention-seeking behavior of those who attempt to exploit his success or tarnish his reputation. Oliveira believes that his path has been guided by a higher power, allowing him to shine brightly while maintaining his authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC, Charles Oliveira, transformation, fan-favorite, adversity, success, humility, respect

What is UFC 289 and why is it significant for Charles Oliveira?

UFC 289 was a significant event in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), where Charles Oliveira, a renowned fighter, achieved a first-round knockout victory over Beneil Dariush. This victory held significance for Oliveira as it marked his first win in Canada, a country where he had previously experienced defeats and vowed not to fight again. The enthusiastic reception from the Vancouver crowd and the emotional impact of the event made it a memorable and transformative moment for Oliveira.

How did Charles Oliveira’s opinion on fighting in Canada change?

Initially, Charles Oliveira expressed reluctance to fight in Canada again, owing to his previous defeats in the country. However, when the opportunity arose to reschedule his fight with Beneil Dariush at UFC 289 in Vancouver, Oliveira accepted the challenge. Despite his earlier reservations, Oliveira’s experience at the event, including the overwhelming support from the crowd, made him feel as though he was fighting in his own backyard. This positive experience led Oliveira to reconsider his decision and embrace the opportunity to compete in Canada once more.

What factors contributed to Charles Oliveira’s fan-favorite status?

Charles Oliveira’s fan-favorite status can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, his journey from being just another skilled Brazilian fighter to achieving success and recognition worldwide resonated with fans. Oliveira’s display of humility and respect towards others, both inside and outside the octagon, further endeared him to the audience. Additionally, his avoidance of controversies and his commitment to remaining grounded despite his accomplishments contributed to his popularity among fans.

How did Charles Oliveira’s upbringing influence his perspective?

Charles Oliveira’s upbringing in the favelas of São Paulo, Brazil, played a significant role in shaping his perspective. Coming from challenging circumstances, Oliveira remained true to his roots and continued to exhibit the same humility and respect he had as a young child. This upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for his journey, the importance of giving back to others, and a focus on personal growth while staying connected to his authentic self. Oliveira’s experiences have grounded him and reinforced his values throughout his rise in the MMA world.

What does Charles Oliveira attribute his success to?

Charles Oliveira attributes his success to several factors. Firstly, he emphasizes his humility and respect for others as guiding principles in his journey. Oliveira believes that maintaining his authenticity and treating everyone with kindness has played a crucial role in his accomplishments. Additionally, he acknowledges the support of his close relatives, who help him stay grounded and true to himself. Oliveira also credits a higher power for guiding him and enabling him to shine in the world of MMA.

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