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Charles Oliveira dares Islam Makhachev to fight him in Brazil, ‘very happy’ to be underdog in rematch

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Charles Oliveira is eager to face Islam Makhachev in a rematch and hopes it will take place in São Paulo, Brazil. After Oliveira’s impressive first-round knockout victory over Beneil Dariush at UFC 289, the reigning lightweight champion congratulated his former opponent on social media while mentioning the different skill levels in the sport. Oliveira quickly responded, acknowledging the existence of levels and expressing his anticipation for their next encounter.

Following a successful night in Vancouver, Oliveira appeared on the MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast during his return to Brazil. He elaborated on his reaction to Makhachev’s comments, confirming that they will meet again soon and emphasizing the presence of various levels in the game. Oliveira assured everyone to remain patient as their fight would happen in due course.

Makhachev had previously defeated Oliveira in October at Abu Dhabi to claim the UFC lightweight title. He later defended the belt with a close decision win over Alex Volkanovski in February. Makhachev is now expected to defend his title once again at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi on October 21.

Oliveira acknowledged that he is next in line for the title shot, based on his recent performances, particularly his victory against Dariush. However, he emphasized that his focus is solely on training, resting, and preparing for his next opponent. Oliveira entrusted his managers, Jorge Patino (“Macaco”) and Diego Lima, to negotiate with the organization regarding his aspirations for the belt. He expressed his desire to rest before returning to training and emphasized his certainty about being next in line for the title, though he acknowledged the need to confirm with Dana White.

The UFC is set to host a Fight Night event in São Paulo, Brazil, on November 4, two weeks after the Abu Dhabi show. Although the main event features a heavyweight bout between Curtis Blaydes and Jailton Almeida, Oliveira, being a native of São Paulo state, suggested that the company should convert the event into a pay-per-view spectacle. He proposed that Makhachev vs. Oliveira 2 should headline the card. Nevertheless, Oliveira expressed his willingness to fight in Abu Dhabi once again if that’s where the UFC decides to stage the rematch.

Oliveira used a Coca Cola analogy to emphasize that as a fighter, he is obligated to go wherever the UFC sends him for a fight. He mentioned that when he was the champion, he traveled to Abu Dhabi to defend his title against Makhachev, who had expressed interest in fighting in Brazil. Oliveira questioned why Makhachev didn’t seize the opportunity to fight in Brazil in November.

Reflecting on their previous encounter, Oliveira acknowledged that Makhachev dominated him inside the octagon but dismissed it as an off night for himself. He chose not to watch the fight and stated that he wouldn’t review it even if the rematch was scheduled, as he believes it is in the past.

Oliveira expressed his desire to remain true to himself, being bold and happy, as he believes it leads to success. Regarding his underdog status, Oliveira stated that he is delighted when people underestimate him. He even jokingly mentioned sharing screenshots of people making money by betting on him. Oliveira invited those who believe in him to join him in making money and emphasized that he enjoys proving doubters wrong. He referred to his previous fight with Dariush, where many people made money, including himself, through bonuses and successful bets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about rematch

Q: What is the main event Charles Oliveira is seeking for his next fight?

A: Charles Oliveira is hoping for a rematch with Islam Makhachev to be the main event of a potential pay-per-view event in Brazil or in Abu Dhabi.

Q: Has Charles Oliveira expressed his readiness for a rematch with Islam Makhachev?

A: Yes, Charles Oliveira has expressed his eagerness for a rematch with Islam Makhachev. He believes that their first encounter was not indicative of his true abilities and is determined to prove himself in a second fight.

Q: Will Charles Oliveira review his previous fight against Islam Makhachev before the rematch?

A: No, Charles Oliveira has stated that he will not review the previous fight against Islam Makhachev, as he considers it to be in the past and prefers to focus on the future.

Q: Is Charles Oliveira open to fighting in Abu Dhabi again if the rematch takes place there?

A: Yes, Charles Oliveira has expressed his willingness to fight in Abu Dhabi once again if that is where the UFC decides to stage the rematch with Islam Makhachev.

Q: What does Charles Oliveira think about being considered the underdog in his fights?

A: Charles Oliveira embraces the underdog role and finds motivation in being underestimated. He is confident in his abilities and enjoys proving doubters wrong while allowing supporters to make money by betting on him.

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