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Chael Sonnen Recounts Being Deceived by Aspen Ladd Impersonator

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In a humorous revelation on The MMA Hour, Chael Sonnen admitted to falling victim to an impersonation scam orchestrated by someone pretending to be Aspen Ladd. Sonnen recalled the incident, which took place during Ladd’s early days in the UFC, when she was still establishing herself as a contender in the bantamweight division. The deceptive interaction began with direct messages exchanged on Twitter, with Sonnen unknowingly communicating with an imposter for approximately seven months before sensing that something was off.

Sonnen explained that he became suspicious after receiving a lengthy direct message that was clearly a copy-and-paste job. The mistake became apparent when the imposter referred to “Laspen Add” instead of Aspen Ladd, a clear deviation from how Ladd would speak. Sonnen confronted the imposter, exposing the deception and prompting the person to confess their true identity.

Surprisingly, the imposter turned out to be a friendly individual who had connections to the UFC, including a friendship with Reed Harris, a UFC executive. She eventually contacted Sonnen directly after obtaining his number from a mutual acquaintance. Sonnen emphasized that the person didn’t have malicious intentions and that it was a small world coincidence that led to their misguided exchange.

Regrettably, Aspen Ladd’s UFC career faced setbacks after its promising start. She suffered three losses in her final four UFC fights and encountered various weight-related issues. Following a disastrous weight cut prior to a bantamweight bout against Sara McMann in September 2022, Ladd was released by the promotion. She then signed with the PFL’s featherweight division, where she has achieved two victories in three fights, defeating former Bellator champion Julia Budd and Karolina Sobek while losing to Olena Kolesnyk.

Despite the miscommunication on Twitter, Sonnen harbors no ill will towards Aspen Ladd or the person who posed as her on social media. He clarified that it was indeed Aspen Ladd’s account, but the imposter had employed a publicist, a fact he discovered during their half-year interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about deception

How did Chael Sonnen get deceived by Aspen Ladd?

Chael Sonnen was deceived by someone impersonating Aspen Ladd on Twitter. They exchanged direct messages for about seven months before Sonnen noticed discrepancies in the messages and confronted the impersonator, who then confessed.

What happened to Aspen Ladd’s UFC career?

Aspen Ladd’s UFC career faced challenges after a promising start. She lost three of her final four UFC fights and had issues with weight cuts. Following a severely botched weight cut in September 2022, she was released by the UFC. Ladd later signed with the PFL’s featherweight division, where she has achieved two wins in three fights.

Was Chael Sonnen upset with Aspen Ladd or the impersonator?

No, Chael Sonnen harbored no ill will towards Aspen Ladd or the person impersonating her. He mentioned that the impersonator was a friendly individual who had connections within the UFC and was not intentionally trying to deceive him. Sonnen clarified that it was a case of mistaken identity and coincidence.

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MMAFan92 July 3, 2023 - 9:09 pm

chael sonnen bein catfished by aspen ladd?! lmao that’s crazy! ppl gotta watch out on social media, u never know who ur talkin to.

MartialArtsEnthusiast July 3, 2023 - 11:28 pm

It’s interesting how these things happen even to well-known fighters like Chael Sonnen. Shows the importance of being cautious online. Hope Aspen Ladd is doing well in PFL!

UFCFanatic July 4, 2023 - 1:34 am

Chael Sonnen got played by an Aspen Ladd impersonator? That’s nuts! Props to Sonnen for calling them out though. Gotta be careful who you trust, even on social media.

FightGameGuru July 4, 2023 - 5:11 am

Wow, Aspen Ladd got caught up in this too? Deception on Twitter can be tricky. Chael Sonnen should’ve been more careful, but it’s a wild story nonetheless.


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