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Chael Sonnen Contends Jon Jones Has Been Outdone by Israel Adesanya: ‘You’re Not Among the Elite’

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While the discord between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones may have been resolved, Chael Sonnen asserts that a silent rivalry persists between the two UFC champions — with Adesanya coming out on top.

“Jon Jones and Izzy, they’ve got this strange dynamic going on,” Sonnen reflected recently on The MMA Hour. “They’re not about to clash. They’re divided not by a single weight class, but two. However, there’s still a competition underway. Both of them aim to proclaim themselves as the best, and they’re convincing a significant number of people. That’s how their supremacy will be determined throughout history, by the people and popular opinion.

“Izzy’s outdoing him. The show Izzy put up [at UFC 290] and the attention and hype Izzy can generate, the earnings he commands, the revenue he pulls in — he’s encroaching on [Conor] McGregor’s territory, I assure you, and he’s long left Jon Jones behind. Jon Jones has never engaged in this game — which will prove to be a blunder. In a decade’s time, when reminiscing and recounting the story, it won’t be Jon Jones that comes to mind, it’ll be Adesanya.”

Adesanya and Jones are among the most accomplished current UFC champions. Adesanya, a two-time middleweight champion, has defended his title five times across his two reigns, while Jones is the most successful light heavyweight in UFC history, defending his title 11 times before advancing a division to clinch the heavyweight title this past March, beating Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 in the first round.

Jones has delved into the promotional side of MMA sporadically throughout his career, most notably during his extended rivalry with Daniel Cormier, though not in the same capacity as Adesanya. From his entrances to his post-fight antics, “The Last Stylebender” has welcomed the drama of the fight game, a fact demonstrated once more at UFC 290 during a tense post-fight interaction with his upcoming title challenger, Dricus Du Plessis, which emerged as one of the most hotly debated topics after the event.

Adesanya has strived to materialize his most significant fights throughout his UFC career, something that Sonnen cannot attest for Jones.

“Here we have a sport, and Jon Jones, he excels in that sport. But then there’s the fight business, a game that few men participate in,” Sonnen commented. “Izzy engages in it, Conor does too. Jon doesn’t. It’s an entirely different level, a separate dynamic at play here. If Jon were to hear this discussion now, he wouldn’t comprehend it. ‘What is he implying? What is the fight business?’ He’s clueless, and there are only a handful who are privy. But those are the ones who count. Those are the influencers.

“These are the individuals capable of creating a spectacle without even competing. That’s where Adesanya stands. Jon Jones missed the fight with [Francis] Ngannou due to a mishandled situation. There were opportunities to materialize that fight. … Then suddenly, one of them isn’t under contract, and Jon gets irate, wanting to fight him. Well, he had his opportunity, but he was too engrossed in the sport and overlooked the business.”

“You could’ve arranged that fight,” Sonnen carried on. “You wish to strut around, claiming you’re the greatest in the sport? You can’t even make a highly anticipated fight materialize? A fight the promoter is keen on? Then you’re not one of the sport’s greats. You’re not adept at it. You’re quite subpar, particularly on the business front. You’re able to land punches and kicks. So what? Try paying a bill with those.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Keyword: UFC supremacy

What is Chael Sonnen’s opinion on the rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones?

Chael Sonnen believes that an ongoing rivalry exists between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones, with Adesanya currently outshining Jones in terms of UFC supremacy.

How does Chael Sonnen compare Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones?

Sonnen thinks that Adesanya is winning the “arms race” between the two UFC champions, citing Adesanya’s ability to generate attention, hype, and revenue, which surpasses Jones’ performance in the promotional side of the sport.

What are the achievements of Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones in the UFC?

Israel Adesanya is a two-time middleweight champion with five title defenses. Jon Jones, on the other hand, is the most accomplished light heavyweight in UFC history, defending his title 11 times before becoming the heavyweight champion.

How has Israel Adesanya embraced the promotional side of MMA?

Adesanya has fully embraced the theatrical nature of the fight game, from his walkouts to post-fight histrionics, making efforts to make his biggest fights possible happen during his time in the UFC.

What does Chael Sonnen mean by “the fight business”?

“The fight business” refers to the promotional aspects of MMA, where fighters engage in activities beyond just competing, such as building hype, attracting attention, and securing lucrative fights, to elevate their status and financial success.

Why does Chael Sonnen criticize Jon Jones in terms of the fight business?

Sonnen criticizes Jon Jones for not fully engaging in the promotional side of MMA, suggesting that this lack of involvement has affected Jones’ ability to make significant fights happen and establish himself as one of the sport’s greats.

How does Chael Sonnen view the future legacies of Adesanya and Jones?

Sonnen predicts that in the long run, the legacy of Israel Adesanya will overshadow that of Jon Jones, especially when people look back on the history of UFC and talk about the top fighters in the sport.

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