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Carl Froch and Conor McGregor Go Head-to-Head: Who Would Win In A Fight?

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A new name has been added to the list of possible opponents for Conor McGregor. On Wednesday, Carl Froch, a professional boxer who was a champion in various weight classes, revealed his willingness to fight against the MMA superstar on his YouTube channel. He also said he’s too strong and big for both Jake Paul and Conor McGregor if they decide to do boxing against each other.

“If I had to fight Jake Paul, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t need much practice. But if I had to fight Conor McGregor, things might be a bit tougher because he’s smaller than me. If we were in a cage, then I’d have to plan and train better but even still, I think I could handle it. Does that make any sense? He’s just too small.”

Froch and McGregor have been fighting with each other over the past year by making harsh comments. McGregor said he would twist Froch’s head off and there were several responses from Froch suggesting that they should box rather than fight in the cage. Even though McGregor didn’t really answer to this, he was quick to reply when Froch said he’d meet him in the cage.

Right now, McGregor and Froch have other things to do.

McGregor is getting ready for a comeback in UFC after being out of the game for two years due to an injury. He will fight former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler sometime in the near future.

Froch will be honored this summer by entering into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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