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Can Vitor Belfort Defeat Ronaldo Souza? Get Live Round-by-Round Updates Here

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MMA Fighting will give you live updates of the fight between Vitor Belfort and Ronaldo Souza that takes place at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this Saturday night.

This match is part of a bigger event called Gamebred Boxing 4 which can be watched on UFC Fight Pass and PPV.com. To find out more about what happened during the undercard, visit our Jones Jr. vs. Pettis result page!

Belfort and Souza were two fighters in the UFC. Souza eventually won against Belfort by knocking him out in the first round during a match in May 2016.

Belfort hadn’t been active in combat sports since his last fight in the UFC when he was knocked out by Lyoto Machida at UFC 224 in 2008. But, now he’s coming back to the boxing ring after 8 years! He’ll be fighting Evander Holyfield at an event called Triller this November 2021 for his first time since then.

This year, Souza will make his first fighting appearance since he left the UFC. In recent fights, “Jacare” was not successful and lost four times in a row; two of these losses being when he was defeated by Kevin Holland and Andre Muniz. Check out the Belfort vs. Souza live blog below to find out what happens!

Belfort and Souza got ready to fight, but no punches were thrown in the first 30 seconds. Then Souza hit Belfort with a right hand, followed by Belfort hitting back with a left punch to the body and then a right to the jaw. The two fighters showed respect for each other’s power. Belfort threw a lot of left hooks that hurt Souza. In the final 20 seconds, not many more punches were thrown, which disappointed the crowd. At the end, Belfort hit one last hard left punch that might have stung Souza. And then it was over!

MMAHook thinks that the score of this match is ten points for one person and nine points for the other person, with the first person having more points.

Round 2: This time, they started off without touching gloves and were going at it for about 20 seconds. Jacare hit with a right punch while Belfort shot back with a left hand. Belfort hit another left and they had a huge couple of punches between them. They seemed to be getting more and more serious as Belfort delivered another left and ducked under a punch from Jacare which led to them tying up. Souza then stepped in with a right toward the body followed by them tying up again. With the last 45 seconds of this round still going on, they tied up one last time before Belfort went for the body shot. Then, after some clashing, Jacare fell over but there wasn’t an actual knockdown – and that was Round 2!

MMAHook counted this round as 10 points for Belfort, making the overall score 20-18 in favor of Belfort.

In the third round, Belfort came forward and threw a huge left hand punch, hurting Jacare. Souza tried to stay close and tie up with Belfort again but Belfort kept punching, landing another big left hand that knocked Jacare down. They continued fighting until the bell sounded, signifying a huge round for Belfort.

The score for Belfort is 10-7 and the total score is 30-25.

Round 4: Souza needs to make some changes soon in order to win the fight. Souza throws a right punch, then they clinch and he lands another right. Belfort punches back with a right and a left. Souza hits back with two punches and is slowly gaining more control of the fight. Left hand from Souza, then Belfort fires at him with his left hand too. They both are really tired but still try to throw as hard punches as possible at each other. In the end, Jacare (Souza) got the better end of it. This was an impressive round for him!

MMAHook gave Souza one round out of the three and scored the overall match to Belfort with 39 points compared to 35 for Souza.

Jacare was smiling after the end of the fourth round. The two fighters kept tying up, each trying to land punches. Belfort managed to throw a couple powerful left hands that made Jacare stumble. Jacare quickly answered back with his own lefts and uppercuts, but Belfort kept managing to evade them. In the end, Souza finished off by landing several short punches against the ropes while Belfort tried to break free, until finally the bell rang ending their battle.

MMAHook has judged that Souza won the round by 10 points to 9, while Belfort won overall with a score of 48-45.

Round 6: To start the round, Souza and Belfort touched gloves, hugged, and then began to battle. There were a lot of tie-ups and clinches throughout the round. At one point in the middle of the ring, they exchanged punches. Souza started backing Belfort up with his hits but Belfort used his left hand to hit back hard. His left eye was getting redder and bloodier as they kept exchanging punches near the ropes. In the final 25 seconds, they tied up until the time was over!

MMAHook declared that Vitor Belfort was the winner with a final score of 10-9 and 58-54. The referees also agreed and gave Vitor the victory with a unanimous call of 58-54, 58-54, 57-55.

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