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Bryce Hall proud to be first influencer to take a bare-knuckle fight: ‘One up on the Paul brothers’

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Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Bryce Hall, a prominent social media influencer, is excited to make history by becoming the first influencer to step into a bare-knuckle fight. Having previously engaged in a boxing match in 2021, which he lost, he is now embracing the challenge of bare-knuckle boxing as part of the BKFC 48 event.

This transition from traditional boxing with gloves to bare-knuckle fighting is a significant shift, particularly for someone like Hall, who gained fame through platforms like YouTube and Vine. Although his background doesn’t naturally align with a bare-knuckle brawl, the 23-year-old from Maryland is driven by the desire for redemption and the unique thrill of the sport.

Reflecting on his motivations, Hall explained, “Two years ago, I fought and lost. I’ve always wanted to return to the boxing scene for fun. I’m not aiming to be a long-term professional, but I find it enjoyable.” Hall emphasized that his decision to take on a bare-knuckle match is rooted in a few reasons: the growing popularity of the sport, his willingness to take on challenges, and his aspiration to differentiate himself by engaging in a bare-knuckle fight against a 3-0 veteran of the sport. He is unafraid of taking punches or delivering them, seeing it as a remarkable experience.

Although “influencer” boxing has gained traction, featuring figures like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and KSI, no one has ventured into the realm of bare-knuckle combat, until now. Hall takes pride in being the pioneer, particularly as he prepares to face a seasoned opponent, Gee Perez, who boasts an impressive 3-0 record in BKFC, all by knockout.

Hall’s decision to take this unconventional path is a statement against the trend of influencers primarily competing against each other, often avoiding more formidable adversaries. He views this venture as a way to stand out and gain invaluable experience, which he believes will give him an edge in the broader influencer boxing scene.

Having previously suffered a TKO loss in his 2021 bout against Austin McBroom, Hall acknowledges his mistakes, admitting that he focused excessively on promotion rather than training. This time, he’s determined to take his preparation seriously, training under BKFC champion Lorenzo Hunt. He’s committed to adopting a more tactical approach and sees victory against a skilled opponent like Perez as a catalyst for his career.

Looking ahead, Hall envisions further opportunities in influencer boxing if he manages to upset Perez in BKFC. With a desire to improve his record, Hall aims to achieve a win and pave the way for more challenges and accomplishments in his budding fighting career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Who is Bryce Hall and what is his background in combat sports?

Bryce Hall is a social media influencer who gained fame through platforms like YouTube and Vine. While not having a background in combat sports, he participated in a boxing match in 2021.

Why is Bryce Hall transitioning to bare-knuckle boxing?

Hall is drawn to the challenge of bare-knuckle boxing as a means of redemption after his previous boxing loss. He sees it as a unique opportunity to set himself apart from other influencers and to experience a different kind of fighting.

How does Bryce Hall view his decision to take on a bare-knuckle match?

Bryce Hall takes pride in being the first influencer to enter the realm of bare-knuckle fighting. He believes this choice showcases his willingness to take on tough challenges and demonstrates his commitment to standing out in the influencer boxing scene.

What prompted Bryce Hall to choose a bare-knuckle fight?

Hall’s decision to compete in a bare-knuckle match was influenced by the sport’s rising popularity, his personal daring attitude, and his desire to fight a skilled bare-knuckle opponent, offering a unique test of his abilities.

What are Bryce Hall’s aspirations after this bare-knuckle fight?

Bryce Hall plans to leverage his experience in bare-knuckle boxing to excel in influencer boxing. He aims to capitalize on the skills and insights gained from this unconventional venture to further his career in the world of influencer boxing.

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