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Breaking News: Jose Aldo vs. Jeremy Stephens: Live Round-by-Round Updates

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MMA Fighting is giving us blow-by-blow updates about the boxing match on Saturday night between former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens, who has competed in 51 Mixed Martial Arts fights. You can watch this bout live through a pay-per-view broadcast called Gamebred Boxing 4. Also, take a look at our Jones Jr. vs Pettis results page for info about the fights that happened right before this main event.

Jose Aldo and Jeremy Stephens have had an MMA fight before in the UFC’s octagon. Jose Aldo won against Jeremy Stephens with a first round TKO. After quitting the UFC this year, Jose Aldo is going to box again and earned a unanimous decision victory in Shooto Brasil Boxing event against Emmanuel Zambrano earlier this February.

In 2022, ‘Lil’ Heathen’ Stephens will make his pro boxing debut after competing in the PFL 1-2 times. He fought 34 times with the UFC, winning 15 of those fights and finishing 8 of them. Check out our live blog below to learn more about Aldo vs Stephens.

The fighters, Aldo and Stephens, started the round. Stephens tried to punch Aldo with an uppercut but misses, so Aldo punched him with a shot to his body instead. After that, Aldo kept throwing punches and jabs at Stephens who was having trouble trying to reach out for his opponent. The former UFC champ successfully landed combination of punches before the final 35 seconds began. He then blocked an overhand right from Stephens before the Round 1 ends.

MMAHook gives the round to Aldo, with a score of 10-9.

The two fighters, Aldo and Stephens, start off the round by both landing non-damaging punches. Following this, Aldo throws a left hook to Stephens’ body and then several other powerful punches before finally finishing with one more combination near the end of the round. Overall, it seemed that Aldo was able to land more punches successfully than Stephens in this round.

MMAHook gave a score of 10 to Aldo and only 9 to his opponent, which means overall the score is 20 for Aldo and 18 for his opponent.

The third round began and Aldo was being careful as he let Stephens start first. Aldo shot multiple punches at him but Stephens responded with a nice right hand, his best yet in the fight. Aldo kept jabbing away and Stephens got warned for hitting too much at the back of his head. In the last 30 seconds, both fighters threw rights, exchanging blows until the end of the round. Even though it was a better round for Stephens overall, it wasn’t enough to win.

MMAHook thinks that Aldo won the fight overall, giving him a score of 10 out of 9 points.

Stephens is showing he can handle this fight, coming out more aggressive and using tricky feints which has Aldo confused. Stephens is doing well with combinations of punches to the head and body. Aldo responds with a hook and uppercut that both connect. They end the round exchanging punches with Stephens landing a left jab and right hand while Aldo throws in a sneaky right hand. After chatting at each other, they finish the round with Stephens doing his best yet!

MMAHook thinks that Stephens won the latest round but Aldo has won more rounds overall, giving them a final score of 39 to 37.

Round 5: They tapped gloves right at the start. Both tried to land punches, but Aldo was more successful with a hard combination and double jab hitting Stephens twice in the body. Stephens tried a wild right hand, but it didn’t connect. Instead, Aldo got in one more hard right hand that he followed up with a stiff jab. Stephens came back with one last punch though, but round five seemed to be leaning slightly towards Aldo.

The judges have given the latest round of the fight to Aldo, with a score of 10-9. This places the overall score at 49-46 in favor of Aldo.

Round 6: Instead of shaking hands, Aldo and Stephen give each other a hug. Then they start fighting with lots of punches being thrown back and forth. Aldo hits Stephen with a combination of punches, then Stephen tries to punch him in the body, but Aldo dodges it. They keep exchanging punches for the entire minute in a lot of fun exchanges. In the end, both fighters are throwing punches at each other as hard as they can. It was a really exciting fight and Aldo probably won most rounds!

MMAHook gave Jose Aldo 10 points and Jeremy Stephens 9 points in the round. But, at the end of the fight, both Aldo and Stephens scored equally with 58 points each. So, it was declared as a draw.

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