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Brandon Royval: Amir Albazi ‘went out there and proved I deserve’ next title shot – plus, his fight ‘sucked’

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Brandon Royval: Amir Albazi Proved I Deserve the Next Title Shot, But His Fight Was Disappointing

As Brandon Royval gears up to serve as the backup for the UFC 290 co-main event featuring Brandon Moreno and Alexandre Pantoja, he already has his sights set on facing the victor.

If there were any doubts about Royval being the top contender in his division, Amir Albazi dispelled them with his victory over Kai Kara-France at UFC Vegas 74. However, that win was marred by controversial scoring from the judges that night. Nevertheless, Albazi was confident in his performance and called for a title shot.

Ironically, Royval believes Albazi did him a favor by how the fight against Kara-France unfolded.

“Who else is there?” Royval questioned in an interview with MMA Hook. “Amir Albazi didn’t even win his last fight. And to quote him before the fight, he said, ‘I’m going to make sure everybody knows who deserves the next title shot in the flyweight division.’ Well, he went out there and proved it was me.

“He didn’t make any statements, didn’t do anything significant, lost the fight, and somehow got gifted the victory. And now he’s right. Your boy deserves that title shot, and he proved it. I appreciate him for that.”

Jokes aside, Royval certainly did his part to earn a title shot when he dominated Matheus Nicolau in his previous bout, securing his third consecutive win.

Since joining the UFC, Royval has become known as one of the most thrilling fighters on the entire roster, with only one of his seven octagon performances going to a decision. His last two fights ended in the first round, as he dispatched Nicolau and Matt Schnell via knockout and submission, respectively.

Royval is more than willing to compare his record to Albazi’s, whose undefeated UFC record was bolstered by a win over the ranked Kara-France. Furthermore, Royval was unimpressed by Albazi’s performance against Kara-France, especially considering the opportunity to shine in the main event.

“Let’s be honest, that fight was lackluster too,” Royval remarked. “You guys had the first flyweight main event in a long time, and you had to deliver. If I were the main event of that card, it would have been insane. It would have been crazy. The UFC wants fighters like that.

“The UFC wants people who finish fights. The UFC wants fighters who make statements. And who’s doing that more than me right now? Nobody is doing it more than me right now.

“I’ve only fought top 10 fighters since joining the UFC, making statements all along. So, who else? Who is above me? Amir Albazi has only fought one top 10 fighter in his entire career. He can’t make more statements than I can.”

Royval takes pride in being known for his jaw-dropping finishes and always having the potential to deliver a “Fight of the Night” every time he steps into the octagon. That’s why he knows that a title fight with either Moreno or Pantoja would undoubtedly be a thrilling spectacle.

“Do you want to witness something special? Watch any of my fights,” Royval exclaimed. “Every fight of mine is insane. Everyone knows who the most exciting fighter in the flyweight division is. If you want an exciting fight, if you want something mind-blowing, tune in to a ‘Raw Dog’ fight because I deliver every time.

“For better or worse, I’m giving you a damn fight, and I’m making statements.”

Royval firmly believes that the same cannot be said about Albazi, especially after his lackluster fight against Kara-France.

“Tell me who wants to watch Amir Albazi fight instead of me? Nobody.”

While Royval isn’t entirely opposed to the idea of facing Albazi in the future, he is currently focused solely on earning the title shot after UFC 290.

“Amir Albazi is whatever,” Royval shrugged. “In my opinion, he should be ranked No. 5 or No. 6, behind Kai Kara-France. I haven’t really paid much attention to wanting to fight him or feeling eager to fight him.

“What I want right now is to face someone ranked above me, someone who is genuinely above me. His ranking may be higher, but nobody in the world believes he’s above me. I don’t really care.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about title shot

Who is Brandon Royval?

Brandon Royval is a UFC fighter known for his exciting performances in the flyweight division. He has made a name for himself with his impressive finishes and has been a top contender for a title shot.

What did Amir Albazi do to prove Brandon Royval deserves a title shot?

Amir Albazi’s win over Kai Kara-France at UFC Vegas 74, albeit controversial due to judges’ scoring, indirectly benefited Brandon Royval. Royval believes Albazi’s lackluster performance showcased Royval’s own deserving nature for a title shot.

What is Brandon Royval’s fighting style?

Brandon Royval is known for his aggressive and thrilling fighting style. He has a tendency to finish fights and has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting fighters in the flyweight division.

How does Brandon Royval compare himself to Amir Albazi?

Brandon Royval confidently compares his record and fighting achievements to those of Amir Albazi. Royval argues that he has consistently faced tougher opponents, made statements with his performances, and believes he deserves a title shot more than Albazi.

Is Brandon Royval interested in fighting Amir Albazi?

While Brandon Royval is not opposed to fighting Amir Albazi in the future, his current focus is on securing a title shot and facing opponents ranked above him. He believes Albazi should be ranked lower and emphasizes his eagerness to fight those who are genuinely considered higher in the rankings.

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