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Brandon Moreno: Revealing the Untold Truth behind Fallout with Henry Cejudo’s Coach

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Brandon Moreno, the reigning UFC flyweight champion, has hinted that there’s more to the story surrounding the breakdown of his friendship with former comrade Henry Cejudo. He plans to unveil his side of the narrative soon.

On July 8, during UFC 290’s co-main event, Moreno is set to defend his flyweight title against Alexandre Pantoja. Prior to their fallout, Cejudo and Moreno shared a close bond, particularly during their time together on The Ultimate Fighter 24, where Cejudo served as a coach while Moreno was a competitor.

Eric Albarracin, Cejudo’s coach, attributed the deterioration of Moreno’s relationship with his protégé to Cejudo’s decision not to select Moreno for his team, instead opting for Pantoja as the top seed. According to Albarracin, this marked the beginning of the rift.

While Moreno acknowledges that there is some truth to Albarracin’s statement, he claims that it doesn’t encompass the entire truth.

“At the moment, I’m solely focused on Alexandre [Pantoja], who poses a significant threat,” Moreno expressed during an interview on The MMA Hour. “Regarding the matter, all I can say is that there is some truth to what he’s saying, but he’s also misrepresenting it simultaneously.”

He further added, “So, for now, I won’t delve into it. I do want to address it more extensively, but currently, my attention is fixed on Alexandre. I understand that you’re curious about what lies ahead, but that’s a discussion for the future.”

As Moreno prepares for his upcoming fight, he remains fully committed to the task at hand, particularly considering Pantoja’s prior victories over him.

However, if the UFC were to approach Moreno with a fight against Cejudo, he would readily accept the opportunity without much hesitation.

“I’m ready to rock, man,” Moreno affirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fallout

Q: What is the main event for UFC 290?

A: The main event for UFC 290 has not been specified in the provided text. However, the text mentions that Brandon Moreno is scheduled to defend his UFC flyweight title against Alexandre Pantoja in the co-main event.

Q: What caused the fallout between Brandon Moreno and Henry Cejudo?

A: According to Eric Albarracin, Henry Cejudo’s coach, the relationship between Brandon Moreno and Cejudo deteriorated because Cejudo didn’t pick Moreno for his team during The Ultimate Fighter 24. Instead, Cejudo chose Alexandre Pantoja as the No. 1 seed, which marked the beginning of the issue.

Q: Will Brandon Moreno address the situation with Henry Cejudo?

A: Yes, Brandon Moreno hinted that he will reveal his side of the story regarding the fallout with Henry Cejudo’s coach. However, at the moment, his focus is on his upcoming fight against Alexandre Pantoja, and he plans to discuss the matter more extensively in the future.

Q: How is Brandon Moreno approaching his upcoming fight against Alexandre Pantoja?

A: Brandon Moreno is fully focused on his task at hand, particularly since Alexandre Pantoja has previously defeated him twice. Moreno is committed to defending his UFC flyweight title and is preparing diligently for the fight.

Q: Would Brandon Moreno accept a fight against Henry Cejudo?

A: Yes, according to Brandon Moreno, if the UFC were to approach him with a fight against Henry Cejudo, he would readily accept the opportunity without much hesitation.

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FightGameFanatic July 5, 2023 - 1:29 am

OMG! Moreno vs. Pantoja at UFC 290 gonna be lit! But, wait, what really happened between Moreno and Cejudo? Albarracin’s sayin’ one thing, but Moreno’s like, “Nah, not the full truth.” I need answers, people!

MMAfan84 July 5, 2023 - 2:14 am

brandon moreno is spillin’ tea! gotta hear his side of the story, man. the drama with henry cejudo’s coach, eric, is intense. can’t wait to find out the whole truth, ya know?

JiuJitsuJunkie July 5, 2023 - 3:08 am

Moreno’s focus is on Pantoja right now. Gotta respect that. But I’m dyin’ to know the deets about the fallout. Will Moreno spill the beans after the fight? Cejudo vs. Moreno would be EPIC if it goes down!

CageFighter23 July 5, 2023 - 7:06 am

Yo, Moreno better be careful with Pantoja. Dude’s got wins over him in the past. But if the UFC offers Moreno a fight with Cejudo, he better jump on that opportunity! I’d love to see them throw down in the octagon!


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