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Bobby Green responds to Tony Ferguson’s eye poke accusation at UFC 291

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UFC 291

Bobby Green, who emerged victorious over Tony Ferguson at UFC 291, responded to Ferguson’s accusation of an intentional eye poke during the fight. Green acknowledged that Ferguson’s claims bother him, but he refrained from engaging in an argument with him, considering him to be somewhat unreliable on the matter.

Green expressed his sadness that the focus of the fight’s aftermath has shifted away from his performance and onto the alleged eye poke incident. He emphasized that he would never intentionally cheat in a fight and asserted that his skills as a fighter speak for themselves.

Regarding the eye poke incident, Green explained that it was an unfortunate consequence of the rapidly changing distances in MMA fights. He also pointed out that certain actions from Ferguson, such as a head-butt and illegal glove-holds, went unnoticed by fans.

While Ferguson and Green had exchanged verbal jabs leading up to the fight, Green didn’t feel the need to defend his honor as strongly after securing the win. He dismissed Ferguson’s behavior as eccentric and didn’t hold any grudges against him.

Green acknowledged the unfairness in how fights are perceived and understood by fans and how small actions can impact the overall result. However, he firmly believed in his victory over Ferguson and expressed his readiness to face him again if the opportunity arose.

Despite the tension between them, Green conveyed his respect and love for Ferguson, assuring him that he never intended any malicious actions during the fight and hoped that Ferguson wouldn’t take things personally. He regretted that the eye poke incident overshadowed what he expected to be a thrilling and classic battle between two fighters from similar backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 291

Q: What did Tony Ferguson accuse Bobby Green of after their UFC 291 fight?

A: Tony Ferguson accused Bobby Green of intentionally eye poking him during their UFC 291 fight, which Green denied.

Q: How did fans react to Bobby Green’s victory over Tony Ferguson?

A: Some fans sympathized with Ferguson, suggesting Green’s win was more due to Ferguson’s downfall than Green’s talent.

Q: Did Bobby Green respond to Ferguson’s accusations?

A: Yes, Bobby Green responded to Ferguson’s accusations, stating that he wouldn’t argue with a “crazy” man but felt sad about the mark on his body of work.

Q: Did Bobby Green admit to accidentally eye poking Ferguson?

A: Yes, Bobby Green admitted that the eye poke was an unintentional byproduct of the rapidly changing distances during the fight.

Q: How did Bobby Green feel about the accusations affecting his reputation?

A: Bobby Green expressed sadness that the accusations were overshadowing his performance and that Ferguson thought the fight’s outcome would have been different without the eye poke.

Q: How did Green counter Ferguson’s claims?

A: Bobby Green pointed out that there were also fouls from Ferguson during the fight, such as a head-butt and illegal glove-holds, which went unnoticed by fans.

Q: What is Bobby Green’s view on cheating in fights?

A: Bobby Green firmly stated that he would never intentionally cheat in a fight and emphasized relying on his skills rather than resorting to unfair tactics.

Q: How did Green view his relationship with Ferguson after the fight?

A: Despite the tension between them, Bobby Green conveyed respect and love for Tony Ferguson, assuring him that there was no ill will and that he never meant to harm a fellow fighter from a similar background.

Q: Is Bobby Green open to a rematch with Tony Ferguson?

A: Yes, Bobby Green expressed his belief in beating Ferguson again and being open to a rematch if the opportunity arose.

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