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BKFC 48 video: John Dodson blitzes past JR Ridge for first-round TKO, wins title

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Flyweight Championship

BKFC 48 recap: John Dodson secures victory with a first-round TKO against JR Ridge, claims flyweight title

John Dodson has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of combat sports.

The former UFC contender in the flyweight division took center stage at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 48 in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He went head-to-head against JR Ridge for the inaugural flyweight championship, and the showdown was short-lived yet intense.

Dodson effectively trapped Ridge in a corner, delivering a barrage of forceful punches. However, it was a well-placed left hook that sent Ridge to the canvas within moments. Ridge voiced complaints of an eye poke and a push as he went down. The ringside doctor was summoned to assess the situation, and after confirming Ridge’s condition, the match resumed. Dodson and Ridge swiftly reengaged in a chaotic exchange.

As the opening round neared its conclusion, Dodson managed to knock down Ridge once again. This time, Ridge couldn’t recuperate in time, thereby crowning Dodson as the very first BKFC flyweight champion via a first-round technical knockout.

Dodson has impressively extended his winning streak to six victories since 2022, encompassing a trio of triumphs in bare-knuckle boxing and three additional wins under MMA rules. Notably, he recently secured a victory within the RIZIN ring as of May 2023. Conversely, Ridge’s record within the BKFC ring now stands at 3 wins and 2 losses.

With a career spanning 17 appearances in the octagon, Dodson has secured notable victories against esteemed opponents such as T.J. Dillashaw, Pedro Munhoz, Jussier Formiga, and Nathaniel Wood. As he approaches his 39th birthday, the winner of The Ultimate Fighter boasts a professional MMA record of 24 wins and 13 losses, in addition to an unblemished 3-0 record in the realm of bare-knuckle boxing.

Interestingly, John Dodson’s brother, Eric Dodson, also participated in the evening’s events, stepping into the ring to face Robert Armas. Unfortunately, Eric Dodson experienced two knockdowns during the early rounds, resulting in his first loss across three appearances in the BKFC arena.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Flyweight Championship

Who won the flyweight title at BKFC 48?

John Dodson emerged victorious in the flyweight title bout at BKFC 48, securing a first-round TKO against JR Ridge.

How did John Dodson claim victory?

Dodson cornered Ridge and landed a series of punches, with a left hand dropping Ridge. Despite Ridge’s complaints of an eye poke and a push, the doctor allowed the match to continue. Dodson then scored another knockdown in the first round, leading to his win via TKO.

What is John Dodson’s recent fighting record?

Dodson has won six consecutive matches since 2022, including victories in both bare-knuckle boxing and MMA. His latest win occurred in the RIZIN ring in May 2023.

What is John Dodson’s overall fighting record?

With a career encompassing 17 octagon appearances, Dodson has key victories against notable opponents like T.J. Dillashaw and Pedro Munhoz. He holds a professional record of 24 wins and 13 losses in MMA and remains undefeated at 3-0 in bare-knuckle boxing.

How did the BKFC 48 event unfold for the Dodson family?

John Dodson’s brother, Eric Dodson, also participated in BKFC 48, facing Robert Armas. Unfortunately, Eric Dodson suffered two knockdowns in the early rounds and experienced his first BKFC loss after three appearances.

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MMAEnthusiast22 August 12, 2023 - 8:03 am

man, bkfc 48 was a wild ride. dodson’s win? epic! that eye poke drama, a lil’ crazy, but he came out on top. gotta respect his mma record, 24-13 is no joke. and ridge, 3-2? not bad. bkfc bringin’ the heat, no doubt.

FightFan123 August 13, 2023 - 4:39 am

john dodson sure showed ’em who’s boss in bkfc 48! that tko was insane, and that left hook? woah. jr ridge didn’t stand a chance. dodson’s like a beast, 6 wins in a row, that’s cray cray. can’t wait to see what’s next for him, maybe he’ll keep the streak goin’!


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