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Biaggio Ali Walsh, Grandson of Muhammad Ali, Impresses with Swift Knockout at PFL 5

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Biaggio Ali Walsh, following in the footsteps of his legendary grandfather Muhammad Ali, showcased his potential for a professional boxing career during an electrifying performance at PFL 5 in Atlanta. In a highly anticipated amateur bout on the main card, Ali Walsh demonstrated exceptional boxing skills, culminating in a remarkable knockout of Travell Miller in just 87 seconds.

From the onset, Ali Walsh displayed his aggression, setting a relentless pace with a combination of leg kicks and striking sequences. Miller, no stranger to the challenge, engaged in a fierce exchange with Ali Walsh. However, it became evident swiftly that Ali Walsh possessed superior striking prowess as he swiftly overwhelmed Miller, flooring him against the cage with a powerful combination.

This victory marks Ali Walsh’s fourth consecutive win as an amateur, all achieved via first-round knockouts. Notably, three of these victories were secured inside the PFL SmartCage. With his exceptional track record, the only lingering question surrounding Ali Walsh is when he will officially make his professional debut, as the 24-year-old fighter appears more than ready to take the next step in his promising career.

Watch the captivating video of Ali Walsh’s rapid triumph below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing career

Who is Biaggio Ali Walsh?

Biaggio Ali Walsh is the grandson of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. He is an aspiring boxer following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

What happened at PFL 5?

At PFL 5, Biaggio Ali Walsh had an amateur bout against Travell Miller. He showcased impressive boxing skills and scored a knockout victory in just 87 seconds.

How many wins does Biaggio Ali Walsh have as an amateur?

Biaggio Ali Walsh has four wins as an amateur, all of them achieved through first-round knockouts. Three of those wins have taken place inside the PFL SmartCage.

When will Biaggio Ali Walsh make his professional debut?

The timing of Biaggio Ali Walsh’s professional debut is yet to be determined. However, considering his success as an amateur and his readiness for the next level, it is a matter of anticipation.

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