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Beneil Dariush credits Charles Oliveira for UFC 289 win, but ‘that was definitely not the best version of me’

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Beneil Dariush acknowledges Charles Oliveira’s role in his defeat at UFC 289 but admits it was far from his best showing. Despite entering the fight on an eight-fight win streak and being on the verge of a lightweight championship opportunity, Dariush faced a nightmare scenario when he squared off against Oliveira in the co-main event. In a brief yet captivating encounter, Dariush was caught by an Oliveira head kick that sent him to the canvas, and he couldn’t recover, leading to a first-round TKO loss.

Reflecting on the fight, Dariush watched the footage and recognized that he wasn’t at his peak performance. He couldn’t pinpoint a specific reason for his off-night, stating that he simply wasn’t feeling like himself on that particular day. However, he refuses to make excuses and acknowledges that Oliveira was the better fighter that night.

Dariush clarifies that he didn’t have any notable injuries or health issues before the fight. With his extensive experience in the UFC, he usually has a good sense of his physical condition leading up to a fight. Strangely, during the bout, he felt as if his body was in slow motion despite his clear vision. This hindered his ability to execute the techniques he had planned, and his balance wasn’t at its usual level. Dariush finds it challenging to explain why he felt so out of sync, as it was an unfamiliar sensation for him.

The loss proved costly for Dariush, as it dashed his chance to challenge Islam Makhachev and interrupted his impressive win streak. It’s uncertain how far he has fallen in the contenders’ rankings following this setback. For Dariush, who hadn’t experienced defeat since March 2018, it is undoubtedly a significant setback.

However, Dariush didn’t dwell on the loss for long. He drew strength from having his family with him during fight week in Vancouver. After a moment of sadness and near tears in the shower, he looked at his family, embraced his two daughters, and resolved to fight another day. Dariush remains confident that he will become a champion in the future, even though it wasn’t his day to achieve that goal.

The fight against Oliveira marked Dariush’s first appearance in 2023, with an eight-month gap between his win over Mateusz Gamrot and UFC 289. Hoping to avoid such a lengthy hiatus this time, Dariush emphasizes the importance of being healthy and returning to the octagon before the year’s end. He expresses his desire to fight more frequently, as the pace has been slow for him lately.

With Dariush’s name finally gaining attention in the contender conversation after his eight consecutive wins, time is of the essence for the 34-year-old fighter if he wants to reclaim that position. While his previous victories over Gamrot, Tony Ferguson, and Diego Ferreira showcased his abilities, the first-round loss on a big stage may have overshadowed his achievements.

Nonetheless, Dariush maintains an optimistic outlook. He understands that it’s not only about winning but also about delivering impressive performances. He believes that one or two more fights could put him back in the picture and make people recognize his skills. To achieve that, he knows that a strong performance in his next fight is essential, as a lackluster win wouldn’t be sufficient to regain the fans’ and critics’ attention. Dariush is determined to showcase his best self and put on a remarkable show in his upcoming bout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC comeback

What was the outcome of Beneil Dariush’s fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 289?

Beneil Dariush suffered a first-round TKO loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 289.

Did Beneil Dariush attribute his loss to Charles Oliveira to any specific reasons?

Beneil Dariush admitted that it was not his best performance and felt off during the fight, but he did not provide a specific reason for his subpar showing.

Did Beneil Dariush have any injuries or health issues before the fight?

To his knowledge, Beneil Dariush did not have any preexisting injuries or health problems leading up to the fight with Charles Oliveira.

How did Beneil Dariush cope with the loss?

After a brief moment of sadness, Beneil Dariush found solace in the presence of his family and resolved to fight another day, maintaining a positive outlook.

Will Beneil Dariush get another fight soon?

Beneil Dariush expressed his desire to return to the octagon before the end of the year and hopes for a faster turnaround in securing his next fight.

How does Beneil Dariush plan to regain his position in the lightweight division?

Beneil Dariush believes that delivering a strong performance in his next fight is crucial to reestablishing himself as a top contender and gaining recognition in the rankings.

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