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Bellator 298 video: Logan Storley stops Brennan Ward in second round

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Emphatic Victory

Bellator 298 Recap: Logan Storley Secures Home State Triumph

Logan Storley secured an emphatic victory in front of his home state crowd, despite the night not being the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of fights. Storley, who faced off against Brennan Ward in the main event of Bellator 298 at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Saturday night, was coming off a loss to the current welterweight champion, Yaroslav Amosov. He needed a significant win, and he delivered by stopping Ward with strikes in the second round.

Ward began the fight strongly, applying pressure on Storley and effectively using his jab to tag the former interim champion. However, Storley’s takedowns and ground-and-pound proved to be too much for Ward. Following a competitive first round, Storley executed a powerful double-leg takedown on Ward in the second round, potentially injuring Ward’s arm in the process. From that point on, Storley dominated the fight, unleashing powerful strikes from the top position that Ward struggled to defend against. Despite Ward’s urging for Storley to stand up due to his injured arm, Storley maintained his dominant position, transitioning to mount and then backmount, delivering heavy shots until referee Jason Herzog intervened.

With this win, Storley’s Bellator record improved to 10-2, with his only professional losses coming against Amosov. Following the fight, Storley, a South Dakota native, mentioned that he wanted to observe how the rest of the division evolves before considering a shot at the title again. He acknowledged the need for at least one more win before entering the title picture once more.

The rest of the main card had its moments, though not all fights were as captivating. Valentin Moldavsky secured a unanimous decision victory over Steve Mowry in the co-main event, relying heavily on wrestling and top-position control. Aaron Jeffery rebounded from his initial Bellator loss with a hard-fought unanimous decision win against Dalton Rosa in a middleweight bout, primarily utilizing low kicks and relentless pressure. In a featured featherweight bout, James Gallagher returned to the cage after a 21-month hiatus and managed to secure a split decision victory over James Gonzalez. The fans in attendance expressed their dissatisfaction by booing Gallagher during his post-fight speech despite his win.

In the opening main card fight, Sidney Outlaw got back on track with a unanimous decision victory over Islam Mamedov. Outlaw’s grappling prowess allowed him to control Mamedov for the majority of the fight, leading to a clear but unexciting decision win.

The preliminary and postliminary fights showcased a range of outcomes, from unanimous decision victories to impressive submissions and knockouts. The event as a whole provided a mix of excitement and strategic battles for the Bellator 298 audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Emphatic Victory

What was the main event of Bellator 298?

The main event of Bellator 298 featured a bout between Logan Storley and Brennan Ward.

What was the result of the main event fight?

Logan Storley secured an emphatic victory by stopping Brennan Ward with strikes in the second round.

How did the fight unfold?

Brennan Ward started strong with pressure and effective jabs, but Logan Storley’s takedowns and ground-and-pound turned the tide. Storley’s powerful double-leg takedown in the second round dominated the fight.

What was the outcome for Logan Storley?

With this win, Logan Storley improved his Bellator record to 10-2, with his only losses being against Yaroslav Amosov.

Were there other notable fights on the card?

Yes, Valentin Moldavsky secured a unanimous decision over Steve Mowry, Aaron Jeffery rebounded with a unanimous decision win against Dalton Rosa, and James Gallagher returned with a split decision win over James Gonzalez.

How did the crowd react to James Gallagher’s win?

Despite his victory, the crowd expressed dissatisfaction by booing James Gallagher during his post-fight speech.

Did the event feature any significant submissions or knockouts?

Yes, there were various submissions and knockouts in both the preliminary and postliminary fights of Bellator 298.

Where did the event take place?

Bellator 298 took place at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

What were the overall results of Bellator 298?

The event showcased a mix of decisions, submissions, and knockouts, with fighters like Logan Storley and Valentin Moldavsky emerging as notable victors.

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MMAFan87 August 12, 2023 - 11:48 am

logan storly really showed who’s boss in bellator 298, he stopped ward in 2nd round wit big strikes, awesome!

TKOKnockout August 13, 2023 - 3:58 am

moldavsky’s unanimous decision might’ve been dominant, but it wasn’t the most exciting fight, needs more action for title shot!


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