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Belal Muhammad Hurls Insults at ‘Coward’ Colby Covington and Promises a Slap in the Face after Jon Anik’s Threats

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Belal Muhammad strongly believes that he deserves the next title shot in the welterweight division. Even though that was the case, Belal did not just stay still and wait for the winner of Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman 3 to be revealed.

For the last few months, Muhammad has been trying to set up a fight with Colby Covington to prove that he deserves a spot as the top contender. The UFC suggested he be a coach on Ultimate Fighter season 31 alongside Covington, but they kept getting turned down each time.

Muhammad told MMA Fighting that the other fighter, Covington, said no and backed out of their potential fight. This was because previously Covington had lost a fight against Usman with a UFC title on the line. After this loss, Masvidal got angry and attacked him outside a restaurant in Miami Beach which resulted in assault charges being filed.

Masvidal has already made a plan to fight Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, while Covington had mostly been quiet lately until he suddenly appeared as the replacement fighter in UFC 286’s main event this past weekend. This shocked Muhammad since he asked for that same chance and had talked with the UFC repeatedly to arrange a fight against Covington. The court case is still unresolved.

Muhammad wanted to fight the next best guy and so he asked if he could fight Khamzat. But then they told him that Khamzat was going to be moved up to middleweight, leaving only Colby left for him. So Muhammad said OK to fighting with Colby at The Ultimate Fighter, but then they told him that Colby doesn’t want to join The Ultimate Fighter and so Muhammad said it’s even better if he can just have a regular fight with Colby on May 6th.

Some people asked me if I wanted to fight in London at UFC 286. I had already been there before, when I watched the fights, and the atmosphere was amazing so I thought it would be great to have a chance to fight there. My plan was to beat Colby and then get my title shot. There’s no way anyone will be able to deny me after that. But unfortunately he declined the offer. It seems like this guy does not wantto take any fights at all!

Right now, Muhammad has won nine fights in a row and beat Sean Brady who had never lost before. He sees the fight with Covington as an opportunity to keep things moving until Edwards and Usman are finished having their third battle. Champs in UFC usually only compete twice a year so Muhammad knows that whoever wins the welterweight title fight won’t come back until late 2023.

Muhammad wanted to prove himself against Covington and win a title. But Dana White, who runs UFC, said Covington was the best fighter and would fight Edwards soon.

Muhammad said that he wanted to fight a coward, someone he considered a loser or sissy because they called the cops on people. He also tried to fight Colby but was turned down. Muhammad asked why is Colby getting rewarded with a title shot when he wouldn’t fight him?

After UFC 286 was over, Covington talked to MMA Fighting about his position in the division. He called Muhammad a “racist” and even warned Jon Anik, the UFC play-by-play commentator who had Muhammad as a guest on his podcast, that he didn’t want to see Anik’s children grow up without their dad.

Muhammad thought Covington’s words were funny, but he was angry about the mean things Covington said about Anik.

Muhammad said that Jon Anik was a nice guy and he couldn’t believe someone would call him racist. Muhammad told Jon that in two weeks, he wanted to see Colby at Miami because he felt like Colby may show disrespectful behavior towards him. He warned that if this happened, then he was prepared to walk right up to him and give him a slap!

“I was really angry when I heard about the guy who got beaten up outside of the cage and then started threatening a commentator. So Muhammad sent a message to that person, who lives in Miami, thinking he might meet him at an upcoming fight on April 8th.”

Muhammad said that if he saw me in Miami, it would be an important moment. He said that I was the king of Miami and to prove himself, he wanted me to meet him face-to-face instead of exchanging words over the internet. He didn’t want any disrespect towards him and wanted to show that his words were true.

“Let’s see how brave you are when I come to your town. Let’s find out how tough you really are when we face each other. Let’s discover how bold you can be when I’m standing right in front of you.”

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