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Bassil Hafez Refuses to be ‘Just a Substitute’ for Jack Della Maddalena at UFC Vegas 77

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Bassil Hafez UFC Vegas 77

When the opportunity to participate in UFC Vegas 77 came knocking on his door, Bassil Hafez was more than ready to answer. The experienced fighter with twelve bouts to his name, and a former welterweight champion at Fury Fighting Championships, had hoped to square off with Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 290. However, Josiah Harrell was chosen instead. When Harrell’s participation was canceled due to a rare brain disease, Hafez was offered the opportunity.

“I mentioned to my manager last week that I was prepared to fight JDM,” shared Hafez in a conversation with MMA Hook. “I’m fit and ready. They probably wanted the perfect match, so my name was second to Josiah’s. I appreciate being chosen, though I wasn’t their first pick. I respect Jack’s striking style and am thrilled to measure myself against it.

Hafez confirmed his participation in the fight on a call with his manager on Monday night. The news moved him to tears of joy, an unprecedented event in his life.

As a natural welterweight fighter, Hafez has worked tirelessly in the gym and maintained a strict diet, always on the alert for opportunities like this one. Whenever a welterweight match lacked an opponent, he would put himself forward. His perseverance has finally paid off.

“I’ve been ready and will be ready on fight night. Although it’s not a full fight camp, I intend to give it my all,” said Hafez.

Having celebrated his inclusion in the UFC, Hafez quickly shifted his focus back to training. His opponent, Della Maddalena, is widely recognized as one of the welterweight division’s top prospects.

Currently, Hafez is the biggest betting underdog at UFC Vegas 77, with odds of around 4-1 against him. However, he remains resolute in his determination to succeed on Saturday night.

“I didn’t join the UFC to be a mere substitute,” he stated. “I’m here to stay. I immediately concentrated on how to win this fight and beat Jack. I know I’m a good fighter and that I need to prove it at the top level. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity.”

One upside to this last-minute match is that Hafez has been training intensively with experienced UFC veterans like Justin Gaethje and Kamaru Usman in Colorado. This has significantly contributed to his development as a fighter.

“I’ve made great strides since I joined Elevation Fight Team, thanks to my colleagues,” he remarked.

Hafez acknowledges that Della Maddalena is a formidable opponent, but insists that he’s not invincible.

“Jack is human like any other fighter. The UFC platform tends to magnify fighters, making them appear invincible,” he explained. “However, in reality, we’re both men with the same goal. I’m aware of my resilience and determination. I believe I have what it takes to challenge him to the fullest. I truly think I can match, and even beat Jack, turning this into a fierce competition.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bassil Hafez UFC Vegas 77

Who is Bassil Hafez scheduled to fight at UFC Vegas 77?

Bassil Hafez is set to fight Jack Della Maddalena at UFC Vegas 77.

How did Bassil Hafez get the opportunity to participate in UFC Vegas 77?

Bassil Hafez got the opportunity to participate in UFC Vegas 77 after Josiah Harrell, who was initially selected to fight Jack Della Maddalena, had to withdraw due to a rare brain disease.

What is Bassil Hafez’s stance about being a replacement in the fight?

Bassil Hafez has made it clear that he did not accept the fight just to be a stepping stone or substitute. He is determined to prove his worth and stay in the UFC.

Who are some of the other fighters that Bassil Hafez trains with?

Bassil Hafez trains with UFC veterans like Justin Gaethje and Kamaru Usman at the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado.

What does Bassil Hafez think about his opponent Jack Della Maddalena?

Bassil Hafez respects Jack Della Maddalena’s striking style but believes that no fighter, including Jack, is unbeatable. He is eager to challenge and potentially defeat him in the fight.

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GroundNPound July 16, 2023 - 9:26 pm

Hafez is a true fighter, taking the fight at short notice. Jack’s tough but Hafez has the spirit. Cant wait to see them go at it.

FightNightChamp July 17, 2023 - 1:29 am

Bassil is an underdog alright, but I feel he might just surprise us. ive seen crazier things happen in the octagon!

MMAFanGuy101 July 17, 2023 - 3:00 am

Whoa, Hafez stepping in last minute? gotta give props to the dude for having guts. let’s see how he fares against Jack.

JabJabCross July 17, 2023 - 8:59 am

Hafez needs to show he’s not a stepping stone. Needs to bring it Saturday night, not just be happy to be there. All the best man!

KickPuncher77 July 17, 2023 - 11:07 am

Training with Gaethje and Usman? No wonder Hafez is confident, he’s getting tips from the best.


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