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Arman Tsarukyan: Beneil Dariush fight ‘makes sense,’ but Michael Chandler would be first choice

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Arman Tsarukyan expressed his interest in two notable lightweight contenders after his recent impressive performance, despite a setback in the divisional rankings. Following his third-round TKO win over Joaquim Silva at UFC Vegas 75, Tsarukyan, now with a record of 20-3, had his sights set on Beneil Dariush and Michael Chandler.

Tsarukyan stated that if Dariush is available for a fight at UFC 293 in Abu Dhabi, he would eagerly take the opportunity to face him. However, if that fight doesn’t materialize, Tsarukyan emphasized his willingness to take on any opponent from the top five, including Dariush or Chandler. Nevertheless, he believes that a fight against Dariush would be a logical choice.

While Dariush seems like a suitable next step for Tsarukyan’s journey towards a title shot, there is another fighter who stands out even more in his eyes: Michael Chandler. Tsarukyan revealed that if he had the chance to choose his next opponent, he would prefer to fight Chandler. Currently coaching on The Ultimate Fighter alongside Conor McGregor, Chandler’s return to the octagon is uncertain due to McGregor’s ongoing issues with USADA and recent legal allegations. Tsarukyan believes that a potential matchup between Chandler and McGregor is unlikely, making him an ideal opponent for the former Bellator lightweight champion.

In a tweet after his victory, Tsarukyan directly addressed Chandler, stating that if he still believed the fight with McGregor was happening, his fight IQ must be as lacking as his judgment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about lightweight contenders

Who did Arman Tsarukyan recently defeat in his latest fight?

Arman Tsarukyan recently defeated Joaquim Silva in his latest fight at UFC Vegas 75.

Which fighters does Arman Tsarukyan have in mind for his next fights?

Arman Tsarukyan has expressed interest in fighting Beneil Dariush and Michael Chandler in his next fights.

What is the record of Arman Tsarukyan?

Arman Tsarukyan currently holds a record of 20 wins and 3 losses in his professional career.

Why does Arman Tsarukyan consider a fight with Beneil Dariush to make sense?

Arman Tsarukyan believes a fight with Beneil Dariush makes sense due to Dariush’s recent loss to Charles Oliveira and their similar rankings in the lightweight division.

Why does Arman Tsarukyan want to fight Michael Chandler?

Arman Tsarukyan wants to fight Michael Chandler as Chandler’s potential fight with Conor McGregor seems unlikely, and Tsarukyan sees Chandler as an attractive opponent due to his reputation as a former Bellator lightweight titleholder.

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