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Anthony Pettis Shocks the World with Majority Decision Win Over Roy Jones Jr. at Gamebred Boxing 4

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Anthony Pettis overcame Roy Jones Jr. in their very first match as pro-boxers at Gamebred Boxing 4. He was declared the winner of the majority decision.

In his hometown of Milwaukee, the younger Pettis confidently squared off against 54-year-old Jones, an experienced boxer who seemed to land more accurate punches. However, Pettis had a higher number of swings and kept pressing forward with combos.

At the end of the fight, two judges thought Pettis had won while the third felt he should have tied. In the end, Pettis was declared the winner and was really happy about his victory. He wouldn’t say what will happen next now that he has succeeded in boxing on Saturday.

Pettis was really excited because he just became a pro-fighter and he’s now 1-0. He said Jones, another fighter, is a legend in the sport. Pettis feels encouraged and motivated to keep going because of his great supporting team behind him.

Despite the odds being against him, Pettis was still eager to fight a boxing legend. He used speedy movements, continuously throwing jabs and consistently targeting the body with punches and uppercuts that got Jones’ attention.

Pettis had to be careful when Jones threw powerful punches at him like big left hooks and very sharp jabs. Jones usually only threw two punches at a time, even though he was once much heavier than Pettis who used to fight at 145 pounds.

Pettis was fighting to control the middle of the ring, but Jones kept his distance and waited for an opportunity to strike back with powerful left hooks. He landed one hard on the chin of Pettis, yet the former champ managed to stay active by throwing punches at Jones’ body. At one point, he even got in a big overhand right that smacked his opponent’s jaw.

Jones only chose to throw one punch at a time, but was still accurate with them. Especially an uppercut in the last round which hit Pettis cleanly. Jones also lets out a lead jab that pays off, but he didn’t do as much as Pettis who moved and threw combinations of 2 and 3 punches.

Jones threw many punches throughout the 8 rounds but didn’t hit hard enough to win. Still, he was able to block most of Pettis’ best shots. Meanwhile, Pettis was much more active and was able to score differently with the judges which gave him victory in the end, although Jones hadn’t been doing really badly either.

Before the fight began, Jones said that this would be his last time in the ring but after losing due to a majority decision, he is having second thoughts.

Jones said “I like to bring excitement for the people watching and I think it was a good fight. I would love to do it again! I don’t fool around, even at 54 years old, I take my fights seriously.”

Michael Pettis and Jorge Masvidal were both excited about having a boxing match as the headliner at an upcoming event in Milwaukee. So, maybe Masvidal will organize another boxing card where this time the main event will be from Gamebred Boxing.

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