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Andre Muniz Respects Paul Craig’s ‘Superior Grappling Skills,’ But Affirms, ‘I can certainly subdue him’ at UFC London

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Andre Muniz will not take Paul Craig’s grappling expertise lightly at UFC London.

“Seripano,” known as one of UFC middleweight division’s finest jiu-jitsu connoisseurs, after compelling the likes of Ronaldo Souza and Eryk Anders to tap out in 2021, experienced his first octagon loss via submission to Brendan Allen earlier this year. Muniz now ushers Craig into the 185-pound category, aiming “not merely to reclaim victory, but also to prove my viability in the division and my steadfast journey towards my objectives.”

“The takeaway from my fight with Allen is that you must always respect your adversaries, even in situations you feel are under your control,” Muniz revealed on this week’s Trocação Franca. “And in this upcoming match, without a doubt, we acknowledge the threat Paul Craig poses on the ground with his closed guard, open guard. Even though my jiu-jitsu skills and grappling know-how are solid, I must always respect the potential moves from my adversary at any given moment.”

Craig’s light heavyweight track record is extensive, featuring former UFC champion Jamahal Hill among others. The Scottish fighter has also made Nikita Krylov and Magomed Ankalaev tap out, and utilized his potent ground abilities to overwhelm Mauricio Rua on the mat, causing the seasoned UFC and PRIDE combatant to tap out to strikes.

“The statistics speak volumes,” Muniz said of Craig’s qualifications. “He’s a superior grappler, an outstanding ground fighter who guards unlike anyone else in the light heavyweight division.

“We’ve scrutinized his offensive tactics and devised some defensive strategies, some counters for potential ground bouts, but without neglecting our own forte, which is grappling. If he can force a submission on me, I can certainly do the same to him. The bout is about seizing the moment. Whoever excels at the opportune moment and can exploit it will emerge triumphant on Saturday.”

Given Craig’s feats at 205 pounds — and considering that top-ranked contenders like Alex Pereira and Kelvin Gastelum are switching divisions — “Sergipano” anticipates landing a spot in UFC middleweight class’s top 10 with a win this Saturday.

To bolster his odds, Muniz assures a riveting showdown at The O2 Arena.

“I always gear up for a strenuous fight, because if you envision an effortless, swift match, disappointment can strike, which could be detrimental,” Muniz noted. “I’m ready for a fierce fight. If we manage to conclude it swiftly, I give thanks to God. If not, we’ll engage in a thrilling battle and provide the spectators in London with an exceptional spectacle.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Grappling

What is the upcoming UFC London fight featuring Andre Muniz and Paul Craig?

The upcoming UFC London fight features a middleweight clash between Andre Muniz and Paul Craig. Muniz aims to rebound after his first octagon loss, while Craig looks to continue his impressive grappling prowess.

How has Andre Muniz prepared for the fight against Paul Craig?

Andre Muniz has acknowledged the danger Paul Craig poses on the ground and has prepared his defense and counters accordingly. Despite having strong jiu-jitsu and grappling skills, Muniz respects his opponent’s abilities and will not underestimate him.

What are Paul Craig’s credentials in the light heavyweight division?

Paul Craig boasts an impressive track record in the light heavyweight division, with wins over notable opponents like Jamahal Hill, Nikita Krylov, and Magomed Ankalaev. He is recognized as an excellent grappler and ground fighter, making him a formidable adversary.

What does Andre Muniz hope to achieve with a victory in this fight?

With a win against Paul Craig, Andre Muniz aspires to be ranked in the top 10 of the UFC middleweight class. He views this bout as a crucial step towards accomplishing his goals in the division.

How does Andre Muniz approach the fight in terms of strategy?

Andre Muniz is prepared for a challenging battle and has no illusions of an easy victory. He understands that respecting his opponent and seizing the opportune moment will be key to achieving success in the fight.

Where will the UFC London fight between Muniz and Craig take place?

The UFC London event featuring Andre Muniz vs. Paul Craig will be held at The O2 Arena, providing spectators in London with an exciting spectacle of mixed martial arts action.

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MMAJunkieFan July 22, 2023 - 4:39 am

paul craig’s ground game is insane, muniz better watch out! but muniz got some tricks up his sleeve, he gonna bring it! top 10 spot on the line, it’s gonna b intense!

SportsAddict22 July 22, 2023 - 10:15 am

muniz vs craig, gonna b a real test of skills! muniz had a tough loss but he ain’t underestimating craig. o2 arena gonna b lit, hope it’s a quick fight tho! warrr!

MMA Fan1 July 22, 2023 - 12:50 pm

wow ufc london gonna b lit! craig vs muniz sounds like an epic fight. muniz gotta respect craig’s grappling tho, he a beast on the ground. can’t wait 4 the action at o2 arena!

FightLover87 July 23, 2023 - 12:04 am

andre muniz is gonna show craig what’s up in ufc london! muniz’s jiujitsu is dope, gonna submit craig, fo sho! gonna b a war in the octagon, can’t wait!


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