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Anderson Silva Reflects on Contrasting Fame of Charles Oliveira and Amanda Nunes in Brazil

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In 2011, Anderson Silva achieved viral fame in Brazil with a flawless knockout victory over his bitter rival Vitor Belfort, establishing himself as one of the nation’s most prominent sports stars during his reign as the UFC middleweight champion. However, after a decade, Charles Oliveira emerged and took over that position.

During his journey to the UFC lightweight title in 2021, “Do Bronx” became a sensation, setting records inside the octagon and surpassing Silva by a considerable margin in terms of social media followers. While Silva remains the most recognizable face and name in Brazilian MMA, Oliveira’s ascent has yet to show any signs of slowing down, even after a challenging loss to Islam Makhachev.

Speaking on the MMA Hook’s Trocação Franca podcast, Silva expressed his satisfaction in witnessing Oliveira’s success: “It’s truly gratifying to see Charles shine. He’s a hardworking kid, persistent, and someone who believed in himself more than anyone else. He has excellent coaches, with ‘Macaco’ Jorge Patino being a great coach. When it comes to the fighters, they possess an unbelievable amount of heart, determination, and willpower. Chute Boxe encompasses all these qualities, and Charles embodies them. I’ll always be rooting for him.”

Oliveira attributes his popularity in Brazil to his humble nature. Silva agrees but also believes that Oliveira’s unlikely journey to success, starting from his rocky beginnings in the UFC, has turned him into a captivating story worth following.

“He deserves the very best,” Silva emphasized. “He’s a good kid. No one believed in him, not even the UFC, yet he’s proven himself time and time again. He has captivated the crowd in ways no one anticipated. Charles deserves our respect, and Brazil should applaud him because he truly deserves all the best. He is our champion, and we must support him so that he can represent Brazil in the best possible way.”

On the other end of the popularity spectrum is Amanda Nunes, the now-retired two-division UFC champion. Despite her numerous records and accomplishments, including defeating every woman who has held the UFC bantamweight title, Nunes remains relatively unknown outside the MMA bubble in her home country.

In a previous interview with Trocação Franca, Nunes mentioned a few possible reasons why Brazilians might not sympathize with her, but ultimately she found peace with the situation.

When asked why Nunes did not attain widespread stardom in Brazil despite her in-cage success, Silva responded, “Everyone has their own personal story and truth, their own connection with their audience. I have always pursued my goals to find my own happiness. I never fought to prove anything to anyone but myself, to reach the level I desired and be content with my achievements as a champion. Everyone has their own story and legacy. Amanda is a great warrior, an inspiration to many athletes and the new generation. She deserves our respect, and she has mine.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC fighters

Q: Who is Charles Oliveira and how has he gained popularity in Brazil?

A: Charles Oliveira is a UFC fighter who rose to fame in Brazil. His hard work, persistence, and self-belief, along with the support of his coaches, have contributed to his popularity. Despite facing challenges in his UFC career, Oliveira’s captivating story and impressive performances have garnered him a strong following and support in Brazil.

Q: What does Anderson Silva think of Charles Oliveira?

A: Anderson Silva has expressed his admiration for Charles Oliveira. He commends Oliveira’s work ethic, persistence, and belief in himself. Silva believes that Oliveira’s rise to success, despite initial doubts from others, has made him a must-watch fighter. Silva is a fan of Oliveira and supports him in his endeavors.

Q: Why is Amanda Nunes not as well-known in Brazil despite her success in the UFC?

A: Amanda Nunes, a highly accomplished two-division UFC champion, is relatively unknown outside of the MMA community in Brazil. The reasons for this lack of widespread recognition are not explicitly mentioned in the text. Nunes herself has speculated on possible factors, but ultimately she has come to accept the situation. However, Anderson Silva emphasizes Nunes’ greatness as a warrior and an inspiration to athletes, expressing his respect for her.

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MMAFan99 July 2, 2023 - 6:17 am

anderson silva knows what’s up! charles oliveira is a rising star in brazil and totally deserves the recognition he’s getting. no one believed in him at first, but look at him now, taking over the ufc scene. he’s got the heart and determination, and chute boxe is the bomb! go charles!

FightGameFan July 2, 2023 - 9:12 am

amanda nunes is a beast in the octagon, but it’s a shame she’s not as famous in brazil. i wonder why? maybe it’s cuz she didn’t have that viral moment like anderson did. but hey, she’s still a champ and an inspiration to many. respect to both fighters!

UFCfanatic77 July 2, 2023 - 2:04 pm

i love how anderson silva supports his fellow fighters. he’s got mad respect for charles and amanda, and that’s what the ufc is all about. they all have their own stories and paths, but they’re united by their love for the sport. can’t wait to see what’s next for these fighters!


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