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Amanda Lemos wants to ‘surprise’ Zhang Weili ‘with my jiu-jitsu’ at UFC 292: ‘I see myself submitting her’

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MMA Showdown

Amanda Lemos is gearing up for a significant showdown with strawweight champion Zhang Weili at UFC 292, aiming to make her mark this Saturday.

After securing victories against Michelle Waterson-Gomez and Marina Rodrigues in consecutive matches during 2022, Lemos earned a title shot. She’s determined to achieve something unprecedented by making Weili submit in the realm of MMA when they collide at TD Garden in Boston.

In an interview on the recent episode of the MMA Hook podcast Trocação Franca, Lemos shared her perspective: “I envision myself submitting her. I genuinely hold that belief. While some anticipate her attempting takedowns, I speculate she might engage in stand-up exchanges with me, or she could indeed go for takedowns. In that case, we’ll catch her off-guard with my jiu-jitsu.”

Zhang Weili has previously utilized her grappling to secure victories over opponents, submitting Jessica Aguilar early in her UFC career and more recently showcasing her skills against Carla Esparza. Lemos has also claimed submission wins in two of her seven octagon victories, tapping out Waterson-Gomez and Miranda Granger. Despite this, the Brazilian fighter believes her punching prowess might prove overwhelming for Weili.

“Weili poses a threat, and we’re both aware it’s a challenging contest,” Lemos acknowledged. “Watching her Esparza fight, I noticed her jiu-jitsu has evolved, but I’m confident that mine has evolved as well. I’ve been focusing on enhancing my grappling recently, while also refining my striking. Among all the strikers she’s encountered, I don’t believe she’s faced someone with as formidable striking as mine. I see that as an advantage for me on my feet.”

Lemos emphasized her readiness for any scenario: “I’m prepared no matter where the fight goes. It’s going to be an exceptional fight.” Her commitment to her origins and her decision not to leave her hometown of Belém for a larger MMA team overseas have contributed to her success.

With her sights set on clinching the UFC belt, Lemos hopes her victory will prompt the organization to bring an event back to Brazil for the first time since 2018, a city with a rich history in combat sports where Lyoto Machida and Eryk Anders headlined the last visit.

Reflecting on her journey, Lemos expressed, “I’ve consistently conducted my training camps here, and now I’m contending for the championship title. It all traces back to Belém. I’m not fond of distractions and crowds, so witnessing my growth after training here holds immense significance for me.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MMA Showdown

Who is Amanda Lemos fighting in UFC 292?

Amanda Lemos is set to face strawweight champion Zhang Weili in UFC 292.

What is Amanda Lemos’ approach to the fight?

Lemos plans to surprise Zhang Weili with her jiu-jitsu skills and believes she can submit her opponent.

How did Amanda Lemos earn her title shot?

Lemos earned her title shot by securing victories against Michelle Waterson-Gomez and Marina Rodrigues in 2022.

What does Lemos think about Zhang Weili’s grappling abilities?

Lemos acknowledges that Weili has evolved her jiu-jitsu, but she also believes her own grappling skills have improved.

What advantage does Amanda Lemos see in the fight?

Lemos thinks her striking power might pose a challenge for Zhang Weili, as she doesn’t believe Weili has faced someone with her level of striking.

Is Amanda Lemos prepared for various scenarios in the fight?

Yes, Lemos stated that she’ll be ready no matter where the fight goes, indicating her preparedness for different aspects of the match.

Why does Amanda Lemos prefer training in her hometown?

Lemos values her training environment in her hometown of Belém and credits her growth and success to her consistent training there.

What does Lemos hope her victory will lead to?

Lemos hopes that winning the UFC belt will encourage the promotion to host an event in Brazil, potentially returning after a hiatus since 2018.

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