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Aljamain Sterling Vows to Punish Sean O’Malley for Benefiting from ‘Dana White Privilege’ in Upcoming UFC 292 Fight

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UFC 292

Aljamain Sterling is set to defend his title, and he’s doing so with a significant grudge in his heart.

Sterling and Sean O’Malley, his rival for UFC 292 in Boston this coming Saturday, have been openly clashing and trading barbs. The fight is Sterling’s attempt at a fourth consecutive defense of his bantamweight crown, and it’s set to be the main event. Sterling has previously overcome formidable opponents like Henry Cejudo, T.J. Dillashaw, and Petr Yan, while O’Malley has earned the top contender position through dazzling knockouts and constant social media engagement.

With the bout drawing near, Sterling is done with O’Malley’s antics and is determined to settle their dispute, in his own words, “literally.”

Sterling stated in a recent New York Q&A, “I aim to crush his face. To obliterate that unsightly naked mole rat he resembles. When I bring him down, that naked mole rat will be destroyed. Crushed.

“I want to make him atone for all his trash talk, everything, including his Dana White privilege. I never had any of that, and I’m eager to unleash my feelings on him.”

Sterling has consistently maintained that O’Malley has been favored by the UFC, a stark contrast to his own journey filled with apparent injustices. Unlike O’Malley, who has been heavily promoted since receiving a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2017, Sterling was seldom featured in UFC main cards during his rise through the ranks.

This strained relationship was evident during the negotiations for the fight between Sterling and O’Malley. Sterling voiced his displeasure about another title fight being scheduled so quickly after his bout with Cejudo, while O’Malley doubted Sterling’s dedication.

Sterling clarified his feelings when asked if he was “forced” into fighting at UFC 292.

“I prefer not to say ‘forced,’ but the decision was made before I could discuss my health or other concerns,” he noted. “After talking with Hunter and resolving everything, they made some behind-the-scenes accommodations, making it easier for me to agree.

“Considering the benefits, it’s my second main event against a very big name with a lot of young, Fortnite-playing Instagram followers. It’s an excellent chance to display my talents to those younger fans and win them over. That’s essentially what this is about, a fantastic opportunity.”

Both combatants have shown confidence in winning, and Sterling’s prediction is unwavering, whether it be by strikes or adding to his remarkable record of submission wins.

“My forecast is a second-round TKO. But if he exposes his long ‘Daddy Long Neck’, I’ll strangle him,” he declared.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 292

Who will be fighting in the main event at UFC 292?

Aljamain Sterling will be defending his bantamweight title against Sean O’Malley in the main event at UFC 292.

What has Aljamain Sterling promised ahead of his fight with Sean O’Malley?

Sterling has vowed to punish O’Malley for his perceived “Dana White privilege” and to make him atone for his trash talk. He has expressed a strong desire to win, even making a specific prediction of a second-round TKO.

What is Sterling’s opinion about being “forced” to fight at UFC 292?

Sterling clarified that he doesn’t like to use the word “forced,” but that the decision was made before he could discuss his health or other concerns. However, he feels comfortable with the fight after talking with Hunter and resolving everything.

Why does Sterling refer to O’Malley as benefiting from “Dana White privilege”?

Sterling believes that O’Malley has been favored by the UFC and has received a strong promotional push since earning a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2017. This contrasts with Sterling’s own path, where he felt overlooked and seldom featured on UFC main cards.

What is Sterling’s prediction for the fight against O’Malley?

Sterling predicts a second-round TKO, but he also mentioned that if O’Malley exposes his neck, he will not hesitate to attempt a submission.

What does Sterling think of the opportunity to fight against O’Malley?

Sterling sees the fight as an excellent chance to showcase his skills to younger fans, particularly those who follow O’Malley on social media. He views it as his second main event and a great opportunity to gain more recognition and fans.

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