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Aljamain Sterling: How do you give Israel Adesanya immediate rematch, ‘then you tell me I don’t deserve it?’

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Rematch Consideration

Aljamain Sterling is raising an eyebrow, and rightfully so. He’s watching closely as the UFC world contemplates giving Israel Adesanya a second shot at the middleweight title. But here’s the twist – Sterling, who tasted defeat at UFC 292 against Sean O’Malley, is wondering why his plea for a rematch seems to be fading into obscurity.

You see, the UFC is a realm of unpredictability, and Dana White, the CEO, has teased the idea of Adesanya getting another crack at glory despite his recent loss to Strickland at UFC 293. Sterling, on the other hand, faced a knockout in the second round from O’Malley and immediately called for a rematch, but it seems like his request fell on deaf ears.

Sterling doesn’t mince his words on his Weekly Skraps podcast, saying, “How did you give him another title shot, and then you tell me I don’t deserve it? That’s all I’m saying. I’m not knocking Izzy.”

He has a point, doesn’t he? Sterling had already etched his name in the UFC history books with three consecutive title defenses in the bantamweight division before his belt changed hands. He carried an impressive nine-fight win streak into that fateful fight against O’Malley. In contrast, Adesanya has experienced a mixed bag of results in his last seven outings, including losses to Strickland, Alex Pereira, and Jan Blachowicz.

Sterling isn’t just venting; he’s asking a legitimate question. What criteria are they using to determine who gets another shot at glory? He’s laid out his fights and their outcomes for everyone to see, making it clear that his reign as champ was no less impressive than Adesanya’s, and in some cases, it was even more thrilling.

He also reminds everyone of the adversity he faced leading up to the fight against O’Malley. Sterling had to bounce back quickly after a five-round war with Henry Cejudo in May. That kind of dedication and resilience deserves some recognition, right?

Yet, Sterling understands that in the world of the UFC, star power matters. Adesanya, with his charismatic presence and a massive following on social media, enjoys certain privileges that others on the roster might not. It’s not a meritocracy; it’s the entertainment business, as Sterling puts it.

So, while Sterling may not be entirely pleased with the situation, he recognizes the reality of the fight game. It’s all about the numbers and the entertainment factor. But in the midst of all this, he hopes for one thing – consistency. He wants the UFC to lay out the rules clearly so fighters know what they’re aiming for.

In the end, it’s a rollercoaster ride in the UFC, where deserving fighters sometimes have to wait in line while others get immediate opportunities. But as Aljamain Sterling would say, “That’s the fight business for you!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rematch Consideration

Q: Why is Aljamain Sterling questioning the UFC’s rematch choices?

A: Aljamain Sterling is raising concerns because he wonders why Israel Adesanya might get an immediate rematch while his own request for a rematch after losing to Sean O’Malley seems to have been ignored. He believes that his impressive record and past accomplishments should also be considered for another title shot.

Q: What is the context of Israel Adesanya’s potential rematch?

A: Israel Adesanya recently lost to Strickland at UFC 293, and there has been speculation about him getting another opportunity to fight for the middleweight title. This has sparked Aljamain Sterling’s questions about the decision-making process in the UFC.

Q: What does Aljamain Sterling emphasize about his own career?

A: Sterling highlights that he had already set a record for the most title defenses in UFC bantamweight history with three consecutive wins. He also points out his impressive nine-fight win streak before losing the belt. He believes these achievements should warrant consideration for a rematch.

Q: How does Dana White factor into this situation?

A: Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, has hinted at the possibility of Adesanya getting another title shot, but he has not made any definitive decisions. Sterling’s concerns stem from the apparent inconsistency in granting title shots, which he believes is influenced by factors like star power.

Q: What does Aljamain Sterling say about the nature of the UFC business?

A: Sterling acknowledges that the UFC is an entertainment business where star power and numbers often play a significant role in matchmaking decisions. He suggests that fighters need more clarity and consistency in how title shots are determined.

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