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Alexandre Pantoja: UFC 296 Title Defense Against Brandon Royval, Foresees an Epic Battle

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UFC 296 Pantoja Royval

Alexandre Pantoja is gearing up for a significant title defense.

In a closely fought battle at UFC 290 this July, Pantoja clinched the UFC flyweight championship with a split decision victory over Brandon Moreno. The bout’s intensity and Moreno’s popularity sparked speculation about an immediate rematch. However, Pantoja, who now holds a 3-0 record against Moreno, will instead defend his title against Brandon Royval at UFC 296 on December 16.

Pantoja endorses this matchup.

“Royval truly earned this title shot,” Pantoja remarked on The MMA Hour. “He’s been on a winning streak, taking down impressive opponents like Matheus Nicolau, Matt Schnell, and Rogerio Bontarin. He’s proven himself against top 10 fighters, earning his shot at the title. This match-up is exciting and it comes at a unique point in my career.

“The first time I fought Royval, I was balancing driving for Uber and dealing with a knee injury. That fight was emotionally charged. My focus was laser-sharp. Now, the stakes are different. Royval is after something I possess, and I need to protect it. He’s a formidable opponent, and I need to be at my best. This fight is significant for me financially and in terms of viewership, as I’m expecting to deliver an extraordinary performance.”

Pantoja previously defeated Royval at UFC Vegas 34, securing a second-round submission and earning a Performance of the Night bonus. Following this, Pantoja submitted Alex Perez, securing his title opportunity, and then overcame Moreno to win the championship, earning additional bonuses.

Royval, post their initial bout, has also excelled, accumulating three straight wins and two Performance bonuses.

Anticipating their upcoming clash, Pantoja predicts an electrifying showdown.

“This is going to be an intense fight,” Pantoja asserted. “Royval is an outstanding fighter, with a style I admire – aggressive, skilled in jiu-jitsu, and quite unique being tall and a southpaw. I enjoy watching his bouts, and I am certain this could be the Fight of the Night. He’s proven himself worthy of this opportunity. I told him post our last fight that he had a bright future, and now he’s back, challenging for the title he rightfully earned.”

As the fight draws near, Pantoja’s respect for Royval is evident. However, come December, it’s all about the competition. As he prepares, the reigning champion acknowledges the oddity of the situation.

“It feels surreal to be in a position where you might crush someone’s dream,” Pantoja reflected. “He dreams of winning the title, and I dream of defending it. It’s strange in this sport – you fight for your family, your goals, your dreams, and yet you have to go out there and dominate. It’s bizarre. But my goal is to show the world my true potential.

“My focus is to give my all, and come December 16, I’m ready to put on the best performance of my life.”

Pantoja is set to defend his flyweight title against Royval in the highly anticipated co-main event at UFC 296 in Las Vegas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC 296 Pantoja Royval

Who is Alexandre Pantoja defending his UFC flyweight title against at UFC 296?

Alexandre Pantoja is set to defend his UFC flyweight title against Brandon Royval at UFC 296.

When did Alexandre Pantoja win the UFC flyweight title?

Pantoja won the UFC flyweight title in July after a split decision victory over Brandon Moreno at UFC 290.

Has Alexandre Pantoja faced Brandon Royval before?

Yes, Pantoja and Royval previously faced off two years ago at UFC Vegas 34, where Pantoja secured a second-round submission finish.

What does Alexandre Pantoja predict for the fight at UFC 296?

Pantoja predicts that the fight with Brandon Royval at UFC 296 will be an intense and potentially the Fight of the Night.

What is unique about Pantoja’s preparation for the UFC 296 fight?

Pantoja reflects on his previous bout with Royval, noting his then circumstances of driving for Uber and dealing with a knee injury, contrasting it with his current preparation as the defending champion.

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MikeFightFan December 10, 2023 - 10:07 pm

Man, this Pantoja guy is really something, ain’t he? defending his title and all, UFC 296 is gonna be lit can’t wait to see him and Royval go at it again!

DaveTheDoubter December 11, 2023 - 11:19 am

pantoja predicting Fight of the Night, huh? we’ll see, these fights always get hyped up but sometimes they just don’t deliver, fingers crossed tho!

JennyMMAQueen December 11, 2023 - 12:13 pm

totally agree with Pantoja, Royval deserves this shot, dude’s been on fire lately, those wins he’s racked up? impressive stuff…

CarlosTheCritic December 11, 2023 - 12:26 pm

i dunno guys, i mean Pantoja’s good n all but is he really ready for Royval again? last time was epic but this time? it’s a whole different ball game, just sayin…

SarahSportsFan December 11, 2023 - 3:02 pm

wow, driving for Uber and now defending a UFC title? talk about a glow up! pantoja’s story is just so inspiring makes me wanna chase my own dreams haha


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